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Fumiya Takahashi (高橋文哉 Takahashi Fumiya) is a Japanese actor and chef who portrays Aruto Hiden in Kamen Rider Zero-One. [1] He is affiliated with A-Plus Entertainment.


In 2017, Takahashi entered a beauty contest and was a finalist out of over 1000 applicants, and made his debut magazine appearance in Popteen and frequently appeared in its YouTube channel. Since then, he has made appearances in TV dramas and stage plays.

In 2019, he was cast into the role of Aruto Hiden.

Personal life

  • Takahashi has two older brothers
  • Takahashi was a volleyball player in middle school.
  • His special skills include darts and pool.
  • Takahashi is a well-seasoned cook and specializes in French cuisine. He received a chef's license when he graduated from high school and runs an online cooking blog. He said that before he entered the entertainment business, he wanted to be a chef. During an interview, Takahashi mentioned that his love for cooking stemmed from him wanting to provide happiness for his mother during her birthdays.
  • He says that his motivations for acting and cooking are more-or-less similar to Aruto's for wanting to be a Kamen Rider.[2]
  • Takahashi mentions that his favorite Rider is Black Woz, and was deeply honored to receive advice from Keisuke Watanabe during the filming of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer.




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