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"Fukkin Power!"
―Jiro's catchphrase[src]

Fukkinhoukai Jiro (腹筋崩壊次郎 Fukkinhōkai Jirō, lit. Gut Buster Jiro) is a Comedian-Type Humagear who was created from the Comedian Humagear Progrisekey.


When Fukkinhoukai Taro gave his Progrisekey to Aruto, Fuwa took it and proceeded to try transforming using the Comedian Humagear's Progrisekey. But instead of transforming, the Shotriser hit a nearby Humagear body, transforming the robot into an appearance similar to Taro, who called himself "Fukkinhoukai Jiro". Both Taro and Jiro repeatably busted their guts in the room, much to the ire of the people in the room.


Due to Jiro having an almost identical appearance to Taro and being a Comedian-Type Humagear, Jiro's personality is roughly the same as Taro's.

Behind the Scenes


Fukkinhouki Jiro is portrayed by Japanese comedian and bodybuilder Kinnikun Nakayama (なかやまきんに君 Nakayama Kin'nikun), who also portrays Fukkinhoukai Taro.


  • Like Fukkinhoukai Taro's name that came from the Japanese given name for males, Fukkinhoukai Jiro's name is also came from the Japanese given name for males Jiro (二郎 Jirō) which means "second son".


  • Like Fukkinhoukai Taro, Fukkinhoukai Jiro's name is also a play on the term "gut-buster", meaning an extremely funny joke. In addition, it also references that every time when he tells a joke, his artificial muscles burst out.
    • Fukkinhoukai Jiro and Fukkinhoukai Taro have the same appearance.
      • However, Jiro's suspenders are red while Taro's are black.
      • Jiro's Humagear Body Seal authorization device is on his right pectoral while Taro's is on his left pectoral.


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