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The Frog Fangire (フロッグファンガイア Furoggu Fangaia) takes the identity of the human violinist Takeo Omura. His true name is The Evolutionary Theory's Golden Ratio Will Be Buried Between Papers (進化論の間紙に黄金比は埋葬される Shinkaron no Kanshi ni Ōgonhi wa Maisō sareru) and he is from the Aqua Class. In his Fangire form, he wields a sword and rifle, is able to fire energy warts from his shoulders, and can jump up to 50 meters.


In 1986, Ōmura created the Black Star violin, attacking any he found not to have respect for his creation, such as reducing his violin to a show piece or playing badly with it. He attacked Yuri Aso for the latter reason before being driven off by Garulu. Later, Ōmura encounters Otoya Kurenai after he stole the Black Star from Yuri, with Otoya's music soothing Ōmura to see Otoya as a worthy owner in spite of Otoya turning him down. However, Otoya has Ōmura promise to not feed on humans again, helping him escape to start his life anew by disposing the Black Star as the first step.

In 2008, Ōmura keeps a music player that plays Otoya's music, a calming mechanism to keep him from breaking his promise. However, while taking a break, Ōmura is driven into a frenzy after hearing a rock group and lashes on them before fighting Kiva, both exposing themselves to the other. After Wataru saves him from Keisuke Nago, Ōmura reveals what happened in the past. However, Keisuke refused to accept it, provoking Ōmura into attacking people with Kiva almost forced to kill him. Though Ōmura regained his senses when Kiva intentionally missed a Darkness Moon Break and ran off, he was found by Keisuke and mortally wounded by Ixa's Ixa Judgement . By the time Wataru arrived, the dying Ōmura apologizes for breaking his word and gives him advice before he dies, with his shattered remains going to the disposed Black Star, reuniting with his beloved work of art.

Omura would later appear in a flashback in the series.


Frog Fangire

  • Height: 221 cm
  • Weight: 150 kg

Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Frog Fangire concept art

Frog Fangire was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


  • It seems that Omura`s instincts are connected to music, which both helped and bothered him.
  • Omura is the first Fangire that appeared in the series who wasn't truly evil from the start.
  • Omura's actor Katsuyuki Murai previously played Kyouji Murakami in Kamen Rider 555.
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