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Friend or Foe? The Mysterious Riderman (敵か味方か?謎のライダーマン Teki ka Mikata ka? Nazo no Raidāman) is the forty-third episode of Kamen Rider V3. It introduces Joji Yuki, a Destron scientist who becomes Riderman.


Ambitious Destron scientist Yuki Joji is condemned to death by Marshal Armor, who sees him as a threat to his position in the organization. Slowly Yuki is lowered into a pool of sulfuric acid, losing his right arm before being rescued by his fellow scientists, who make a daring escape. Hidden away, Katagiri contacts his sister, who is a nurse, to assist in Yuki's cybernetic operation. But Destron is watching and sends Sickleneck-Tortoise to kill them.


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Digital Releases

  • Kamen Rider V3 DVD Volume 8 features episodes 43-47.[1]
  • The complete Kamen Rider V3 series was released in a boxset by Hawaii's Generation Kikaida, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[2]
  • The Blu-ray Release of Kamen Rider V3 Volume 3 features episodes 36-52.

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