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The Fourze Module Change Series (フォーゼモジュールチェンジシリーズ Fōze Mojūru Chenji Shirīzu, shortened as FMCS) is a toyline created by Bandai. The toys are meant to simulate the Module Changes of the Astroswitches used by the Riders of the TV series Kamen Rider Fourze.

List of figures

Code Image Rider Modules Other accessories
FMC-01 FMCS01 Kamen Rider Fourze Basestates (basic) Rocket, Launcher, Drill and Radar N/A
FMC-02 FMCS02 Kamen Rider Fourze Elekstates Camera, Chainsaw, Hopping and Billy the Rod N/A
FMC-03 FMCS03 Kamen Rider Fourze Firestates Beat, Shield, Gatling and Hee-Hackgun N/A
FMC-04 FMCS04 Kamen Rider Meteor N/A Meteorstar (motorcycle)
FMC-05 FMCS05 Kamen Rider Fourze Magnetstates Wheel, Hand, N Magnet and S Magnet N/A
FMC-06 FMCS06 Kamen Rider Meteor Storm N/A Meteor Storm Shaft
FMC-07 FMCS07 Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmicstates Board, Giantfoot, Gyro and Barizun Sword N/A
FMC-EX01 FMCSEX Kamen Rider Fourze Rocketstates Rocket Modules (2) N/A
FMC-SP01 FMCSSP Kamen Rider Fourze Basestates ("Stealth") Magic Hand, Parachute, Scissors, Chain Array, Smoke, Spike, Winch, Flash, Stealth, Hammer, Water, Medical, Pen, Screw, Schop, Freeze, Claw, Aero, Net and Stamper N/A

Associated releases

The line is also compatible with one DX set:


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