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Jashin 14 (邪神14 Jashin Fōtīn, lit. Evil God Fourteen) was leader of the Roaches and ruler of World of Diend, assuming the human-like form of Fourteen (フォーティーン Fōtīn) for his "ideal peace", turning humans into mindless slaves. He was capable of flight, launch fire balls from its mouth, use a pair of swords, and can use its tail as a whip. He commanded an army of Darkroaches as foot soldiers to enforce his will along with brain washed humans. Eventually, facing Decade and his allies, Fourteen assumes his true form before being destroyed by Decade in Complete Form with aid from Armed Hibiki, cutting him in half. After his demise, the Roaches vanish and everyone he'd brainwashed were set free.


  • Height: 5,000 cm
  • Weight: 204 tons


  • Unlike the Missing Ace version of Jashin-14, this one has no Albino Joker controlling it.
Jashin 14 Card

Jashin 14 Rouze Card

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