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An enigmatic foundation (財団 Zaidan) was present mainly in the South Asian region, led by the ruler of a country in said region. The foundation aimed to seek wealth and political power as a source of strength.

Known members

Known history

The leader of this foundation adopted a son named Shapool in the hopes of letting him becoming the heir to the family. However, once the leader had a son of his own, he arranged for his servant, Alfred, to kill Shapool, who was touring in Zawame in Japan. Unbeknownst to the foundation's leader, Alfred wanted to take control of the foundation for himself as well, though Alfred's plans were foiled by Shapool's doppelganger. Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron

The current fate of this foundation is unknown, following Shapool's decision to return to South Asia and face his father.

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