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Forever! Cries of the Heart! (永遠!心の叫び! Eien! Kokoro no Sakebi!) is the thirtieth episode of Kamen Rider Ghost. It features the final appearance of Igor's Gamma Superior Ono form.


Alain had brought a drawing set for Fumi but her Takoyaki stand is full of people looking worried while an ambulance is seen rushing away. Alain cannot believe what he hears once he asks what happened, his hope fading away yet again...

Yuki has infiltrated Deep Connect and it is none other than CEO Steve Bills who finds her, but offers her his help. Takeru and the others come aftewards and, while not fully trusting Bills, they follow him. Yuki finally reaches where her father is but a terrible truth awaits.


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Ghost Eyecons

  • Eyecon Used:
    • Ghost
    • Specter
      • Deep Specter, Specter
    • Necrom
      • Necrom
  • Damashii Used:
    • Ghost
      • Toucon Boost Damashii, Ore Damashii, Grateful Damashii
    • Specter
      • Deep Specter, Specter Damashii
    • Necrom
  • Ghosts summoned through Eyecon Driver G:
    • N/A

Gamma Eyecons

  • Eyecon Used:
  • Gamma Form Used:
    • Igor
      • Gamma Superior Perfect, Gamma Superior Ono


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Ghost 30 CS

Kamen Rider Ghost's 10 Eyecons, Kamen Rider Specter's 3 Eyecons and Kamen Rider Necrom's 2 Eyecons

  • Closing Screen Ghost Eyecon
    • Kamen Rider: Ghost, Specter & Necrom
    • Ghost Eyecons:
      • Ghost: Musashi, Edison, Robin, Newton, Beethoven, Billy the Kid, Benkei, Goemon, Ryoma & Himiko
      • Specter: Tutankhamun, Nobunaga & Houdini
      • Necrom: Grimm & Sanzo
  • Count at episode end
    • Takeru's days of life remaining: 54
    • Eyecons in Ghost's Possession: 10
    • Eyecons in Specter's Possession: 3
    • Eyecons in Necrom's Possession: 2
    • Eyecons connected: 10 (Ryoma, Musashi, Robin, Himiko, Newton, Benkei, Nobunaga, Edison, Goemon, Houdini)
  • This is the first time Takeru, Makoto and Alain transform into Ghost, Specter and Necrom respectively together in their default forms.
    • It is also the first time Ghost, Specter and Necrom perform a Triple Rider Kick together.
  • This is the only time Igor changes from Gamma Superior Perfect to Gamma Superior Ono.
  • This is the only time Ghost performs the eye symbol in a different form (Grateful Damashii).
  • This episode reveals that the Gammaizers use the golden Gamma Hole, similar to the ones used by Xibalba, Frey and Freya.
  • Final appearance of Hisako Okata as Fumi Fukushima.
  • During the scene of Yuki reunited with her deceased father, she can be seen wearing a yellow coat, referencing to her role as Yoko Usami/Yellow Buster in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

DVD/Blu-ray releases


Kamen Rider Ghost Vol. 8, DVD

Kamen Rider Ghost Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Second Coming! Ordeal of the Escape King!, Forever! Cries of the Heart!, Bizarre! Power of the Gammaizers! and Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind!

91kBZelgtNL. SL1471

Kamen Rider Ghost Collection 3, Blu-ray

Blu-ray Collection 3 comes with 13 episodes.

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