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Forest Brush G-Pen (森筆ジーペン Mori Fude Jīpen) was a Manga Assistant-Type HumaGear that was hacked by Jin and given a ZetsumeRise Key to transform into the Vicarya Magia (ビカリアマギア Bikaria Magia).


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Magia Form

Vicarya Magia
KR01-Vicarya Magia

Vicarya Magia

Vicarya Magia true head

The Vicarya Magia's head after its Dris Nailer is destroyed

"Vicarya! ZetsumeRise!"
―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 228.6 cm
  • Weight: 162.0 kg

G-Pen transforms into the Vicarya Magia (ビカリアマギア Vicaryamagia) by using the Vicarya Magia Zetsumerise Key in the ZetsumeRiser.


  • Dris Nailer (ドリスネイラー Dorisuneirā): The durable drills covering the Vicarya Magia's head and both arms.


  • HumaGear Hacking: Using a method similar to transforming into a Magia, the Vicarya Magia can corrupt other HumaGear and transform them into Trilobite Magia by piercing them with tendrils.
  • Tunneling: Using its Dris Nailers, the Vicarya Magia can burrow underground through solid matter.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 5


Behind the Scenes


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The Vicarya Magia is named after Vicarya, an extinct genus of prehistoric snails that lived during the Paleogene and Neogene Periods.


  • G-Pen's name is derived from the "G pen", a type of nib commonly used by manga artists, referencing that he is a Manga Assistant-Type HumaGear.


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