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The Golden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit (禁断の果実 Kindan no Kajitsu) is a fruit of nigh-limitless power, where even its seeds contain great power, as one such seed was formed to create the Kiwami Lockseed. It is mainly referred to in the show as the Golden Fruit (黄金の果実 Ōgon no Kajitsu), with the Fruit of Knowledge (知恵の果実 Chie no Kajitsu) being used at least once.

History and Origin

It is the basis of the forbidden fruits mentioned in various myths, such as the golden apples of Norse mythology or ambrosia of Greek mythology. As the Forbidden Fruit is created once a world is consumed by the Helheim Forest, it is awarded to one that the forest deems worthy to evolve and change the world. Though numerous parties are after this fruit, the Forbidden Fruit is in the possession of Rosyuo, King of the Over Lords of the Inves, who refuses to let others make the same mistakes he had made ages ago. Since then, he's been carefully observing who is worthy enough to be its user, until episode 41, Rosyuo selected Mai to be the user of the fruit, before being brutally impaled by Redyue. When Redyue found the fruit itself, it had rotted from having its energy being transferred elsewhere.

After days of fighting and the extinction of the Over Lords, a victor to claim the Forbidden Fruit was selected in the form of Kouta Kazuraba by using part of Armored Rider Baron's sword/Banaspear and spearing it into his body. Mai, having becoming the Woman of the Beginning, when her Forbidden Fruit-bonded heart was removed and her past-sent self was trapped in time until a clear victor was revealed, selects Kouta to become the Man of the Beginning. Kouta sends the Inves and the plants of Helheim on a newly born planet somewhere in the universe by creating multiple rifts around the world. The planet was later known as the Planet of Helheim.

In the past, some Over Lords attempted to replicate the Forbidden Fruit, with their copy later becoming sentient and becoming known as Kougane. He helped bring the Femushinmu civilization to near extinction.

As shown by the death of Mai and later Kouta, the fruit can revive, or more precisely, create a back-up of its user.


The entire fruit contains unlimited power, but even just one seed can hold great power, still. This is demonstrated through the Kiwami Lockseed when Gaim effortlessly destroys DemushuDyudyuonshu, Grinsha, and Shinmugurun with relative ease, despite the fact even Demushu, an enhanced Over Lord Inves took on the combined forces of three Sengoku Driver users and two Genesis Driver users by himself, and was close to victory. Even with this one seed (Kiwami Lockseed), it held enough strength to even overpower a Golden Fruit replication with relative ease.


While the Forbidden Fruit does give its user nigh-limitless ability, several limitations exist. As shown, while it gives Mai Takatsukasa the ability of time traveling, the fruit is incapable of handling said power and in the end, she is trapped 10 years in an alternate future where the Earth had been consumed by Helheim. The fruit doesn't grant absolute protection against time manipulation, thus explaining why Gaim became a normal human in the altered timelines in at least twoIcon-crosswiki occasions.

Another limitation of the Forbidden Fruit is that it cannot revive a deceased person, as the Over Lord, Rosyuo was unable to revive his wife. However, the Forbidden Fruit is able to create new life without any apparent limits. Kouta and Mai both use this fact to create "backups" of themselves. These backups share the same memories and personality, essentially making them an extension of the original.



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