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The Flying Clone Smash (フライングクローンスマッシュ Furaingu Kurōn Sumasshu) was one of the Clone Smash types created by Nariaki Utsumi, based on the Flying Smash.


The first Flying Clone Smash was summoned by Evolto-Ryuga Banjou alongside a Strong Clone Smash and a pair of Hard Guardians against Kamen Riders Build and Grease. Along with the Strong Clone Smash, it was eventually destroyed by Grease's Scrap Finish Rider Kick. Evolto Hunts Stars

The second Flying Clone Smash was absorbed alongside a Strong Clone Smash by the Nebula Gas-dosed Kyoichi Shimizu via the Kuwagata Fullbottle, transforming him into the Stag Lost Smash. His transformation was negated by Build when he used the power of Genius Form to purify him. The Truth of the Best Match

A third Flying Clone Smash wreaked havoc at Touto's Area E with six Hard Guardians before being engaged by Kamen Riders Cross-Z Magma and Grease. While four Hard Guardians were scrapped by Grease's Scrap Finish, the Clone Smash was destroyed alongside the remaining pair by Cross-Z Magma's Volcanic Attack. Legacy of Doubt

A flock of dozens of Flying Clone Smash were unleashed upon Touto by Evolto to lure out the Kamen Riders. Though they were quickly wiped out by Build RabbitRabbit Form, Cross-Z Magma, and Gentoku Himuro, they did provide a distraction which allowed Evolto to reclaim the CD Lost Fullbottle from nascita by possessing Kazumi Sawatari. The Scientist of Hope

Behind the Scenes


The Flying Clone Smash was portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.