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Flame Horse (炎の馬 Honō no Uma) is a giant monster and also the Kamen Rider Mars' mount.



Originally a black horse created by Kougane out of the Evil Seeds, after Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms fired a charged energy arrow from Sonic Arrow during their horse fight, Mars' horse transform into multiple Evil Seeds and reform back into the Flame Horse. Gaim charged his horse to the underside of the Flame Horse and executed Hinawa Daidai Musou Zan, seemingly killed Mars and the horse thus reviving most of the deceased Riders. However, Mars awakened himself in his true Golden Fruit form, using the remains of the Flame Horse as a goalpost and his flame clone armies with one became a complete replica of his Rider Form. As Kamen Rider Kamuro used himself as a soccer ball, the Armored Riders fought his armies in a fashion of soccer tournament and for Gaim to deliver the finishing blow on Kougane. Kougane was destroyed afterwards, along with the Flame Goalpost.


Jaaku no Tane
Powers and Abilities
Living Hive
Originally a swarm of Evil Seeds that Kougane spawned, they can reform themselves into different forms, mainly a horse for Mars' mount.

Powers and Abilities
The Flame Horse can launch fireballs from its mouth.
Upon its destruction, the Flame Horse can reconstruct itself into a flaming goalpost.

Powers and Abilities
Fire Clones
The goalpost can create armies of flame-coated Kamen Rider Mars as opposing players with one (the lead player) became a complete replica.


  • Flame Horse is the second giant volcanic-like monster in a Kamen Rider film. The first was Kamen Rider Core.

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