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Five Riders vs. Kingdark (五人ライダー対キングダーク, Gonin Raidā tai Kingu Dāku), tentatively titled Kamen Rider vs. Kingdark (仮面ライダー対キングダーク, Kamen Raidā tai Kingu Dāku),[1] is the second movie based off the Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider X. It unites the first five Kamen Riders.


Five Riders vs. Kingdark is the sole original theatrical work accompanying the TV show Kamen Rider X. Earlier in March of 1974, the third episode was trimmed to Cinemesco size and screened as part of the spring box office at Toei Manga Festival. Although the central hero of this movie is indeed Kamen Rider X, the name of a specific Kamen Rider is not attached to the title for the first time in the Kamen Rider Series.

In the year of production, 1974 (Showa 49), the "henshin boom" caused by Kamen Rider had passed its peak and Mazinger Z, produced by Toei Animation for Fuji Television, represented a new exciting phenomenon for young audiences, giant robot animation. As a result, the giant robot Kingdark was introduced in the X TV series as the leader of G.O.D.. This film reflects the process of conversion as the series' antagonists changed from Shinwakaijin (Mythical Monsters) under Apollogeist and the G.O.D. Secret Police, to the Akuninkaijin (Villain Monsters) led by Kingdark. Chiko and Mako feature as supporting characters.

Five Riders vs. Kingdark was screened with Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness as part of the "Play with Finger 5! Toei Manga Festival". Reflecting the trend of the times, Mazinger dominated the combined theatrical poster. In succession, guest appearances are made by the first four Kamen Riders. Having returned to Japan, it is explained that #1 has been in New York, #2 in Paris, V3 in Moscow, while Riderman returns from Tahiti. Though Riderman was previously established as having been seemingly killed at the climax of X's preceeding show, Kamen Rider V3, this film shows Riderman had survived, leading the way for his numerous reprisals. Notably, Riderman, as the fourth Kamen Rider, introduces himself as "Kamen Rider 4", the name given to him by V3 upon his presumed death.

The past four Riders mostly appear post-henshin; only appearing in human form as they transform at the strange castle. This transformation is composed of archive footage depicting Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 (Hiroshi Fujioka) and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 (Takeshi Sasaki) from the 1972 film Kamen Rider vs. Shocker, Shiro Kazami/Kamen Rider V3 (Hiroshi Miyauchi) as seen in the 1973 film Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Mutants, and the stock transformation sequence of Joji Yuki/Riderman (Takehisa Yamaguchi) from the Kamen Rider V3 TV series. Curiously, the sound effect used for Hongo's transformation is completely different to the iconic sound used prior and since.

Uniquely, Rider 2, while performing his Rider Kick, calls out "#2 Rider Kick!" and later "Rider #2 Kick!". Riderman is seen with the Power Arm on his left arm, as opposed to his cybernetic right arm, during his fight against Neptune. During the final battle, he is not seen to wear a Cassette Arm at all.

In regards to action scenes, trampoline jumping was performed with the desired effect being achieved with the indoor horizon background against rainy weather. Depending on the cut, the celling of the studio is reflected. The composition of the drama is reversed, and G.O.D.'s "Drought Operation" was never specifically drawn.

Before the premiere, a big "tie-up" event was held at the Isetan Shinjuku store.[2]

In the following year, theatrical releases of succeeding shows Kamen Rider Amazon and Kamen Rider Stronger would be screened as part of the Toei Manga Festival in spring and summer, having been respectfully "blown-up" from Amazon's sixteenth episode and Stronger's seventh episode. Five Riders vs. Kingdark would be the last original theatrical production of the Kamen Rider Series for six years before being ultimately followed by Eight Riders vs. GingaOh, attached to Kamen Rider (Skyrider), which was released in spring of 1980.


During a motocross practice, Keisuke Jin is ambushed by two Myth Cyborgs created by a secret organization that's attempting to control Japan, G.O.D. He transforms into Kamen Rider X, but little does he know that his battle is recorded and analyzed by Kingdark, G.O.D.'s commander, to create a super cyborg. Other G.O.D. cyborgs are attacking all over Tokyo and in the middle of the crisis, the original four Riders return to Japan from different countries around the world. The five Riders unite to lead a counter attack against G.O.D. and fight its newest monster.

Continuity and Placement

Its placement isn't clear. Presumably, it takes place after episode 27, Special Edition, Full Force of Five Riders!!, which shows one of the spy cameras featured in the movie and V3's first meeting with G.O.D. forces, with Tachibana explaining them to him as villains similar to Destron. However, in episode 33, Hayato and Keisuke don't recognize each other, although Hayato apparently knew about X Rider already. They never meet each other while untransformed in the movie, which might explain that situation. This is also Joji Yuki's return, and although the characters question where he was, his presumed death is never mentioned.


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Kamen Riders

The Five Riders.

Kamen Rider X Keisuke Jin
Kamen Rider 1 Takeshi Hongo
Kamen Rider 2 Hayato Ichimonji
Kamen Rider V3 Shiro Kazami
Riderman "Kamen Rider 4" Joji Yuki


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Movie credit order
  • Keisuke Jin (神 敬介, Jin Keisuke) / Kamen Rider X (仮面ライダーX, Kamen Raidā Ekkusu, Voice): Ryo Hayami (速水 亮, Hayami Ryō)
  • Mako (マコ, Mako): Miyuki Hayata (早田 みゆき, Hayata Miyuki)
  • Chiko (チコ, Chiko): Chisako Kosaka (小坂 チサ子, Kosaka Chisako)
  • Masaru (マサル):
  • Etsuko (エツ子):
  • Masaru's father (マサルの父, Masaru no Chichi):
  • Masaru's mother (マサルの母, Masaru no Haha):
  • Kingdark (キングダーク, Kingu Dāku, Voice): Fumio Wada (和田 文夫, Wada Fumio)
  • Tobei Tachibana (立花 藤兵衛, Tachibana Tōbee): Akiji Kobayashi (小林 昭二, Kobayashi Akiji)



All songs were composed and arranged by Shunsuke Kikuchi.
Used as opening and insert song.
Used as ending theme.

In addition, the instrumental versioons of Rider Sanka and X Rider Action are used as background music.

Hanuman and the Five Riders

Hanuman and the Five Riders.

Main article: Hanuman and the Five Riders

Hanuman and the Five Riders (หนุมาน พบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง - Hanuman pob Har Aimoddaeng - literally "Hanuman and the Five Ant Men") is a tokusatsu superhero film produced in 1974 by Chaiyo Productions of Thailand. Chaiyo's own Kamen Rider film, half of it uses footage from the Five Riders vs. Kingdark. Although it has never been released in Japan, Kamen Rider fans in Japan refer to it unofficially as Hanuman and the 5 Kamen Riders (ハヌマーンと5人の仮面ライダー, Hanumān to Gonin no Kamen Raidā).

The film teamed the first five Kamen Riders with the Hindu god Hanuman (fresh from his appearance in The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army) against X's adversary Kingdark (who appears in his regular giant moving statue form and alternately in a human-sized one), who drinks the fresh blood of young women. He captures a scientist and his girlfriend and threatens to drain her of her blood unless he use his technology to create an army of mutant animal men to confront the five Riders.

Unlike Chaiyo's two official co-productions with Tsuburaya Productions in 1974 (namely The 6 Ultra Brothers Vs. the Monster Army and Jumborg Ace & Giant), this production was unauthorized by Toei Company, Ltd., which produced the Kamen Rider shows. Chaiyo had initially approached Toei, who turned down their plans for producing their own Kamen Rider movie.


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Rider #2 and V3 also appeared to help X-Rider in his series.

Digital Releases


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