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Fight! Our Kamen Rider!- The Strongest Rider, ZO is Born! (闘え! ぼくらの仮面ライダー 〜最強のライダーZO誕生!!〜 Tatakae! Boku-ra no Kamen Raidā 〜 Saikyō no Raidā ZO tanjō!!〜) was a half-hour television special which aired on TBS in 1993 to promote the then newest Kamen Rider film at the time, Kamen Rider ZO.


The special was a clipshow showcasing the past 13 Kamen Riders and their enemies before showing loyal viewers and fans sneak peeks at Kamen Rider ZO, as well as an interview with Kou Domon. More sneak peeks are shown with action scenes from the movie. A special message at the end of the TV special from Kamen Rider creator Shotaro Ishinomori is then shown, telling the audience to come see his latest film.


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  • This was the final Kamen Rider TV special to air on TBS, as the network slowly dropped the Kamen Rider series continuing in favor of reruns and a few sparse appearances on quiz shows. The Kamen Rider Series reruns would be moved to a new timeslot to make way for Tsuburaya's Denkou Choujin GridmanIcon-crosswiki.png series, which took its place in its original timeslot at 5:30AM JST.