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Fate's Victor (運命の勝者 Unmei no Shōsha) is the forty-sixth and penultimate episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. Kouta inherits the Forbidden Fruit from Mai in this episode, thus becoming the Man of the Beginning. This episode also reveals the secret and the outcome of the Sengoku Rider War, which was foreshadowed during the first episode. It features the final appearance of Gaim Kachidoki Arms, Kamen Rider Baron & Lord Baron, Yggdrasill Corporation, and DJ Sagara.


Betting their lives and beliefs, Kouta and Kaito finally face off.


Transforming into Kiwami Arms, Gaim battles Lord Baron and despite using all weapons at his disposal, is overpowered by him, with the same ocurring in the fight between Gaim and Baron in the alternate dimension. Both fights end in the same way, with Gaim catching and breaking Baron's weapon in half just as he is about to be killed, and using the broken piece in his hand to deal Baron a lethal blow.

The defeated Kaito compliments Kouta for showing him how strong he has become before passing away, and with the war for the Golden Fruit ended, Mai appears before Kouta to award him with it. Upon eating the fruit, Kouta becomes the "Man of the Beginning" and Sagara appears as well to congratulate him for his victory. However, instead of rewriting life on Earth just as Sagara expected, Kouta decides to depart to a new, barren world to start a new life, taking Mai, the Inves and the Helheim Forest with him to the Planet of Helheim. Sagara then recognizes his decision and wishes him luck, departing to another planet to continue his mission as well.

Three months later, life is returning to normal in Zawame City and as Yggdrasill Tower is dismantled. The city is still rebuilding, as a wall of missing person posters (including one for Ryoji) still remains. Jonouchi continues working with Oren at Charmant, while the Beat Riders now dance together as one single group. Zack revealed to have survived his fight with Kaito, but is still recovering from his injuries as he happily watches the united Beat Rider groups dancing. He then spots Mitsuzane, now a shell of his former self, watching from afar. Zack attempts to have him join the dance group as well, but ashamed for everything he did, he refuses.

Mitsuzane then visits Takatora, who wasn't killed but was rescued by an offshore boat, who is in a coma. However a doctor tells Mitsuzane that Takatora has suffered severe brain damage and isn't expected to ever wake up. Kouta appears in Takatora's dream to ask him to return to Mitsuzane's side in order to have him move on with his life while making amends for his mistakes. Takatora agrees, and wakes up in front of his Mitsuzane.


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Kamen Rider Gaim Volume 12 features episodes 45-47: The Fated Two's Final Battle!, Fate's Victor and Transform! And to the Future. [1]

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