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Farewell, Tsurugi!! (さらば剣!! Saraba Tsurugi!!) is the forty-sixth episode of Kamen Rider Kabuto. This episode marks the death and final appearance of Tsurugi Kamishiro - Kamen Rider Sasword.


Kamishiro Tsurugi finally becomes aware that he is Scorpio Worm. Driven to a point of insanity, he takes Kagami captive and demands that all the Zecters be given to him. Tendo then goes to make the trade, but ultimately defeats Scorpio Worm.


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Kabuto Vol 12

Kamen Rider Kabuto Volume 12, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Kabuto Volume 12 features episodes 45-49: Christmas Earthquake, Farewell, Tsurugi!!, Rushing into the Last Chapter, Tendo Dies!! and Path of Heaven.

91vQ8qFOQbL SL1461

Kamen Rider Kabuto Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 17 episodes.

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