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"Fang, Joker! (Heavy metal guitar riffs to orchestral hit)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Arm Fang!"
―Activation announcement via one press[src]

"Shoulder Fang!"
―Activation announcement via two presses[src]

"Fang Maximum Drive!"
―Finisher announcement via three presses[src]

The Transforming Gaia Dinosaur Fang Memory (変形ガイア恐竜 ファングメモリ Henkei Gaia Kyōryū Fangu Memori), also known as the Fanged Memory (牙の記憶 Kiba no Kioku), is a special Gaia Memory that was solely created to protect Philip and act on his orders, enabling him and Shotaro to transform into FangJoker. It can change between its Live Mode (ライブモード Raibu Mōdo), which resembles a Dromaeosaurid, and its Memory Mode (メモリモード Memori Mōdo), the top of which resembles a dinosaur's head. When used, half of Kamen Rider Double becomes the white Fanged Right Half (牙の右半身 Kiba no Migi Hanshin), enabling Kamen Rider Double to fight like a berserker while altering the left half to match it in being animalistic in design.

Being made to protect Philip and act as his bodyguard, the Fang Memory shows up whenever he is in danger or whenever he calls for it. Unlike the normal transformations into Kamen Rider Double, this transformation is initiated by Phillip and the process causes Shotaro to fall comatose and transfer his mind until they revert back to normal.[1] This Memory is quite powerful for its size as it easily stopped Dopant`s attacks and lifted Shotaro`s weight.

Philip could not control himself while being transformed initially, causing him to go berserk soon after transformation. Later with the help of Shotaro and successfully imposing his will on the Fang Memory, he managed to control his transformed state, although he still suffers the toll from extensive use.

When Double presses the Fang Memory's horn between one and three times, he can manifest a bladed weapon on a different part of his body's right side.

  • Once: The Arm Saber (アームセイバー Āmu Seibā) for Double's wrist to be used as a close combat weapon.
  • Twice: The Shoulder Saber (ショルダーセイバー Shorudā Seibā) for Double's shoulder, which it can be detached from to be used as either a dagger or boomerang-like weapon.
  • Thrice: The Maximum Saber (マキシマムセイバー Makishimamu Seibā) for Double's ankle to execute the Fang Strizer (ファングストライザー Fangu Sutoraizā) Maximum Drive.


Other Forms

FangMetal & FangTrigger

Presumably, the Fang Memory can also be used with the Metal Memory or Trigger Memory taking the place of the Joker Memory, resulting in the FangMetal (ファングメタル Fangu Metaru) and FangTrigger (ファングトリガー Fangu Torigā) transformations respectively. However, this was never shown on screen as supposedly, the only reason Shotaro can help Philip maintain control of himself is due to Shotaro's compatibility to the Joker Memory, and using the other forms would cause Philip to run wild.

Though never appearing in the series, the two forms have appeared as a Super Imaginative Chogokin and W Form Change exclusive.

File:KR-W FangTrigger.png

FangTrigger in Futo Detective

Arm Fang (bow)

FangTrigger later appears in Futo Detective. This form can summons two Arm Sabers from Double's left wrist called Arm Fang (アームファング Āmu Fangu) to used as a bow.



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