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Eyes Dopant (アイズ・ドーパント Aizu Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Eyes Gaia Memory.

Dopant Form

Eyes Dopant

Eyes Dopant

Through the use of the Eyes Memory, the user can enforce their will on others. The Eyes Dopant is able to counterattack by detecting the opponent's next move and brand the Quarks with an eye marking on their foreheads that kill them should they try to escape. However, it was unable to read Katsumi's movements as Kamen Rider Eternal. He is also able to communicate through others that are branded with the eye, use large floating eyeballs to create an explosion on what they look at, and summon a whole mass of eyeballs to swarm an opponent.


Doctor Prospect

Main article: Doctor Prospect
Docter Prospect

Doctor Prospect

The main user of the Eyes Memory was Doctor Prospect (ドクター・プロスペクト Dokutā Purosupekuto), a Foundation X scientist who was studying the use of psychic ability and created an army of psychic-powered soldiers known as Quarks (クオークス Kuōkusu). In his fight with Katsumi Daido as Kamen Rider Eternal, he manages to kill all of the Quarks, including Mina as it seemed at the time, which enrages Daido and makes him go mad, killing Doctor Prospect by destroying his Gaia Memory and leaving him victim to its psychic killing effect.

Kamen Rider Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale!

Bujin Double vs. Dopants

Bujin Double engaging Dopants loyal to Bujin Gaim in the world of the Warring Period.

An Eyes Dopant appears as part of a group of four Dopants along with Death Dopant, Spider Dopant, and Bat Dopant, accompanying Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim and the Nepenthes Monster in his attack on the Double Army. The Dopants are met by Bujin Double, who assumes CycloneJokerXtreme. The four Dopants are soon destroyed by Bujin Double's Prism Bicker's Bicker Charge Break Maximum Drive. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle

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