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Extremer Driver (エクストリーマードライバー Ekusutorīmā Doraibā)[1] is a mysterious belt used by Kamen Rider Extremer. It was created from Takeru Tenkuji's corpse, which becomes the Ultimate Eyecon (究極の眼魂 Kyūkyoku no Aikon)[2].


After Takeru Tenkuji was murdered by Gamma, his body vanished and was transported to another world. In fact, Argos had a plan to create the ultimate Eyecon, which he would collect a hundred Eyecons from 100 heroes. Strangely, after he collected all of them, the hundred Eyecons merged into Takeru's corpse and was combined into a powerful belt, the Extremer Driver which Argos uses to transform into Extremer. After the final battle between the two Ghosts, the Extremer Driver is accurately destroyed by Ghost Mugen Damashii's Rider Kick. This also includes Takeru's corpse, resulting him to fade away.

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