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"We want that report, and soon! You hear me!"
―Executive Member of Foundation X[src]

This Executive Member of Foundation X (財団X幹部 Zaidan X Kanbu), flanked by four other Foundation X members, confronted Mitsuaki Gamou on his way to his car with his bodyguard Kou Tatsugami. He voiced the Fondation's disatisfaction that the chairman had not been sharing the results of his Cosmic Energy research with them as of late. Though Gamou requested patience from the Foundation, assuring them that his plan was nearing completion, the executive insisted he show them his research, asserting that he had no right to refuse them due to the funding they had provided. When his henchmen attempted to seize Gamou's briefcase, they were all swiftly incapacitated by Tatsugami with the executive himself being caught in an armlock as Gamou warned him that he was very protective. Released from Tatsugami's grip, the executive warned that the Foundation would need their report soon as he fled with his henchmen. Ancient City Mayhem

Behind the scenes


This Executive Member of Foundation X was portrayed by Kazuhiro Yamaga (山賀 教弘 Yamaga Kazuhiro), who previously portrayed Nagi Shimamoto's father in episode 35 of Kamen Rider W.


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