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Not to be confused with the similarily named installments of Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!.

Ex-Aid Chapter (エグゼイド編 Eguzeido Hen) is the first installment of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Virtual Operations.

Continuity and Placement

This chapter takes place between episodes 1 and 2.


At the Genm Corp office, Kuroto Dan was shown. He calls Poppy Pipopapo and tells her to record Emu's specs for later use. On his table, there are 9 prototype Gashats (Taddle Quest, Bang Bang Shooting, Bakusou Bike, Gekitotsu Robots, DoReMiFa Beat, Jet Combat, Giri Giri Chambara, Shakariki Sports & Drago Knight Hunter Z).

After a point of time, Emu and Poppy Pipopapo went in the CR patient room. Poppy Pipopapo then brings out a VR device designed by Dan and asks Emu to wear it in order to simulate Mighty Action X. Since Emu is totally clueless about what to do, Poppy Pipopapo 'helps' him to start the simulation by knocking him out.

In Mighty Action X, Emu faced with a normal Bugster Virus. There, Poppy Pipopapo instructs Emu to transform into Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 1 and Action Gamer Level 2 and also to activate his Critical Strike finisher using the Kimewaza Slot Holder.

After Emu clears the simulation, Poppy Pipopapo bid him goodbye without explaining the reason. Emu tries to chase her, but stumbles from the bed. He was later seen pondering the reason why Poppy Pipopapo is doing this while in pain.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo




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  • Closing Screen:
    • Text Color: Pink
  • Count at episode end
  • First and only chapter when someone else than Kuroto Dan (in this case Poppy Pipopapo) says the instructions during the simulation.

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