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"(Ziku-Driver D '9 Slot Ridewatch's transformation announcement)! Armor Time! Level Up! Ex-Aid!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Ex-Aid! Critical Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

Ex-AidArmor (エグゼイドアーマー EguzeidoĀmā) is a Kamen Rider Ex-Aid-based form accessed using the Ex-Aid Ridewatch, invoking Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Action Gamer Level 2, and wielding the Gashacon Breaker Breakers (ガシャコンブレイカーブレイカー Gashakon Bureikā Bureikā). When summoned, it is projected in a holographic Rider Gashat and does Ex-Aid's signature pose before dispersing to attach to the user. Ex-Aid Armor's Gashat Shoulders (ガシャットショルダー Gashatto Shorudā) are modeled after Mighty Action X Rider Gashats, and depending on whether it is used by Zi-O or Geiz, its visor spells out "Ex-Aid" (エグゼイド Eguzeido) in katakana or "Ex-Aid" (えぐぜいど Eguzeido) in hiragana respectively.

Much like Ex-Aid himself, the armor can generate Game Areas and create item blocks that Zi-O or Geiz can use as platforms and much like Action Gamer Level 2, grants its user great agility and jumping ability. The only difference from Ex-Aid is that when the Rider using the Armor attacks, the "Hit!" and other effect words that are projected are in katakana (ヒット!) or hiragana (ひっと!) rather than in English.



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