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Icon-build.png This article is about a/an transformation equipment in Kamen Rider Build.

"Over the Evolution! (Dramatic rock music)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"(Biotic Evolbottle name)! Rider System! Revolution!"
―Evolbottle insertion announcement via the Evol Driver[src]

"Are you ready? Black Hole! Black Hole! Black Hole! Revolution! Fuhahahaha!"
―Black Hole Form transformation announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Black Hole Finish! Ciao!"
―Black Hole form finisher announcement[src]

"Over-Over the Revolution!"
―Feverflow Mode activation announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Feverflow! Fuhahahahahaha! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Feverflow Mode announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Black Hole Break! Ciao!"
―Feverflow Mode finisher announcement[src]

"(Fullbottle insertion announcement) Hazard Fever! Are you ready? Feverflow! (Fullbottle jingle) Fuhahahahahaha! Fuhahahahahahahaha! (Fullbottle ending phrase)"
―Transformation announcement with a Fullbottle that occupies both slots[src]

"Ready, go! Black Hole Break! Ciao! (Fullbottle finisher announcement)"
―Finisher announcement with a Fullbottle that occupies both slots[src]

The Evol-Trigger (エボルトリガー Eboru Torigā)[1] is a turbocharger-like device that allows Kamen Rider Evol to upgrade into his Black Hole Form (ブラックホールフォーム Burakku Hōru Fōmu). Paralleling the Hazard Trigger, it is inserted into a slot on the Evol-Driver above its Evolution-Charger.


The Evol-Trigger is composed of the following parts:

  • The Revolution Tank (レヴォリューションタンク Revoryūshon Tanku) is the handle of the Evol-Trigger. It is filled with an active enhancing agent known as the Pandorizer Vapor (パンドライザヴェイパー Pandoraiza Veipā) derived from the Pandora Box that is able to draw out Evolto's original strength. This agent reacts with the components inside of the Evolbottles, turning them from a gaseous state into metallic components. During transformation, the Pandorizer Vapor, along with the Evolbottle components, are poured into the EV-BH Ride Builder (EV-BHライドビルダー EV-BH Raido Birudā), forming Evol's suit and armor.
  • The Transcendence Meter (トランセンデンスメーター Toransendensu Mētā) measures the Trigger's level of reinforcement on the user, and the higher the reading, the more powerful the attacks are. It is also able to absorb enemy attacks, converting them into energy needed for the operation of the Evol-Trigger.
  • The Evolution Switch (エヴォリューションスイッチ Evoryūshon Suitchi) is the red button located at the top of the Evol-Trigger which is used to activate it before use.
  • The EV Ride Connector (EVライドコネクタ EV Raido Konekuta) is the terminal which connects the Evol-Trigger to the EV Ride Port (EVライドポート EV Raido Pōto) at the top of the Evol-Driver. Deploys the EV-BH Ride Builder during transformation.


Used by Evol to destroy Mars, the Evol-Trigger was later sealed within the Pandora Box until Evol reclaimed it by re-opening the Box, with the Trigger having lost all of its energy. Evol was eventually able to recharge it by absorbing the attacks of Kamen Riders Great Cross-Z, Grease, and Rogue.

Functioning similarly to the Hazard Trigger, Evol presses the Evol-Trigger's Evolution Switch to activate it before docking it on top of the Evol-Driver with the Cobra and Rider Evolbottles inserted, and cranks the lever to transform into Black Hole Form. It is currently unknown what would happen if it were used with other Evolbottles or Fullbottles.

While in Black Hole Form, Evol can crank the Evol-Driver again to activate the Black Hole Finish (ブラックホールフィニッシュ Burakku Hōru Finisshu).

Pressing the Evolution Switch again and turning the Evol Driver's lever again activates Feverflow (フィーバーフロー Fībāfurō) mode, which when Evolto inserts the Black panel with all of the Lostbottles inserted into himself, transforms him into his Monster Form. Cranking the handle once more will then activate the Black Hole Break (ブラックホールブレイク Burakku Hōru Bureiku), which allows Evolto to warp into outer space just outside the planet and watch the Black Hole he generated suck up whole planets.


Evol's standard finisher in Black Hole Form is the Black Hole Finish (ブラックホールフィニッシュ Burakku Hōru Finisshu), which has four variations:

  • Evol spins rapidly while surrounded by dark purple energy and electricity as a miniature black hole is generated behind him. The black hole then compresses into halo-like rings of energy that surround Evol as he collides with the opponent, launching the them backward along with another miniature black hole that then expands and traps the enemy. The black hole collapses in on itself as it and the opponent disappear before expanding again in an explosion. Finally, the explosion is reversed and the enemy is released from the black hole.
  • Evol delivers a punch covered in purple energy that creates a small black hole upon impact, followed by an explosion.
  • Evol creates a small black hole between his hands and launches it into the air. The black hole then enlarges to a massive size and consumes its surroundings, including entire buildings.
  • Evol channels dark purple energy into his foot and performs a roundhouse kick, with a black hole surrounding his foot and another on the ground underneath him.

Pressing the Evolution Switch again and turning the Evol Driver's lever activates Fever Flow (フィーバーフロー Fībāfurō) mode, which transforms Evolto into hisPhantom State. Evol's finisher in this form is the Black Hole Break (ブラックホールブレイク Burakku Hōru Bureiku), which has two variations:

  • Evolto channels purple energy and uses it to create a black hole above him, which expands until it is larger than the planet Evolto is on and consumes it completely. Consuming a planet in this way will grant Evolto the Evolti Grasper gauntlets, bringing him closer to his Ultimate State.
  • Evolto delivers a punch covered in red energy.


  • Both its functions and origins are appropriate, considering the intended result of the Pandora Box's full activation is a black hole swallowing all life on a planet.
  • Functionality-wise, it draws parallels to the connection between Kamen Rider Chronicle and Hyper Muteki, as the final antagonist uses a powerful form, seemingly unattainable/inaccessible through normal means, which forces the protagonists to pool their resources into creating a power capable of combatting it.
    • Similarly, both protagonist and antagonist attain forms that serve as a representation of their base form, but given a more regal/pure design for the protagonist, and a more maniacal/demonic design for the antagonist.


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