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Evil Eye (邪眼 Jāgan) is a mysterious creature which serves as the main antagonist of the Playstation 2 game Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu. It is allied with Shocker and can alter time or create distortions in it. It uses this power to bring the eras of 1971, 1973, 1988 and 2003 into collision with each other. Its ultimate goal was to absorb Kamen Rider Black and take his Kingstone to become the new Century King.[1]

Character History

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Jagan Complate Body

Evil Eye could evolve into a mutant form called Evil Eye Complete Body (邪眼完全体 Jāgan Kanzentai).

Jagan Ultimate Body

After absorbing the energy of the Kingstone, Evil Eye evolves into a Rider-like form called Evil Eye Ultimate Body (邪眼究極体 Jāgan Kyūkyokutai).

Behind the Scenes


Evil Eye is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata (柴田 秀勝 Shibata Hidekatsu), who is better known for his role as General Shadow in Kamen Rider Stronger.


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