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Epilachna Worm (エピラクナワーム Epirakuna Wāmu, 5): A Worm who was allowed by ZECT to attack people without being stopped in an attempt to draw out Kabuto in order to capture the Rider System's user. He was destroyed by Kabuto's Rider Kick.

Character History

Kamen Rider Kabuto

It duplicated a shipyard worker before molting; it makes a signature cackling sound when attacking. It kills by stabbing its victims in the neck with an appendage extending from its head, after which the victims begin to rot away. Tadokoro's ZECTroopers tried stopping it before being ordered to let it escape. It later attacked another dockworker, ZECT sitting on the sidelines and waiting for Kabuto to arrive to stop it, but he didn't show up. Later still, it attacked a woman, duplicating her, but Kagami arrived and helped her escape, trying without success to defeat it before Tendo finally showed up. He fought it as Kabuto on the roof of a building, both of them Clocking Up as they jumped off the edge. It was defeated by Kabuto's Rider Kick before debris from the roof had fallen to the ground.


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Powers and Abilities

Human Duplication
Like all Worms, it can take the form of any human it sees, duplicating their memories as well.
Clock Up
Like all molted Worms, it can trigger Clock Up, gaining the ability to move at incredible speeds while still observing the world around it at normal speed.

Behind the Scenes


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