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Enji Matsuda (松田 エンジ Matsuda Enji) is an Actor-Type Humagear that was hacked by Horobi and given a Zetsumerisekey to transform into the Arsino Magia (アルシノマギア Arushino Magia). Later, he was hacked by Gai Amatsu and turned into the Arsino Magia again during the Workplace Competition event.

Character History

Enji was introduced as the newly developed actor Humagear in the purpose to restore the image of Hiden Intelligence from being marked as the creator of Humagear killer and their belief that Humagear is humanity's dream by producing a movie with the collaboration with Shinya Owada.

During the filming progress, Enji performed perfectly as the script which led to a reaction of disappointment from Shinya Owada as he ad-libbed the story. This enraged Little Assassin when he infiltrated the scene and attacked him. The discouraged Enji would later be cheered by Aruto Hiden and kept to go with the performance.

However, Horobi made his entrance the next day and hacked Enji to sabotage the performance. After his destruction as the Arsino Magia, a replacement model resembling Enji was created and made the filming a success. Unfortunately, the filming went awry due to Little Assassin shooting and injuring Shinya from a blind spot.

During the mock wedding between Marriage Match and Chiharu Ebii, Enji would serve as the pastor officiating their 'marriage.' When Zero-One in his MetalCluster Hopper form lost control, the ensuing shockwaves from the effect came into contact with Enji, causing Enji to be seemingly possessed by the will of the Ark and following Gai Amatsu despite not transforming into an Ark Magia. Enji then revealed that he had tricked Gai by pretending that the Ark hacked him as Enji already scanned his Humagear Body Seal barcode with his own Progrisekey to help Izu transfer his data to the Progrise Hopper Blade, but soon was forced to transform into the Arsino Magia by Gai. Later, he was rescued by Aruto as Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper, thanks to the Progrise Hopper Blade that was created by Izu and was escorted by Izu to a safe place.It's Our Turn


As a Humagear developed to work in the film industry, Enji worked hard and effectively memorized the script for the movie. Unfortunately, being a Humagear couldn't give him an experience of ad-libbing during the acting, which leads Enji to be bugged and try to reread the script to learn if the performance existed or not.

When he received the commentary from Shinya, Enji tried to learn to adapt and improve.

By the time he was called upon again, his acting skills seem to have improved dramatically, as he was able to assume the role of a pastor and even pretended to be hacked by the Ark in order to trick Gai.

Magia Form

Arsino Magia

Arsino Magia

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 212.8 cm
  • Weight: 138.9 kg

Enji transforms into the Arsino Magia (アルシノマギア Arushino Magia) by using the Arsino Zetsumerisekey in the Zetsumeriser. 


  • V-Horn (Vホーン V hōn): The split horn on the Arsino Magia's reinforced head. It fights by charging at the enemy with the V-Horn lowered.


  • Humagear Hacking: Using a method similar to transforming into a Magia, the Arsino Magia can corrupt other Humagear and transform them into Trilobite Magia by piercing them with tendrils.

Appearances: 11, 24


Behind the Scenes


Enji Matsuda is portrayed by Hiromi Sakimoto (崎本 大海 Sakimoto Hiromi), who previously portrayed as Yuya Sumii in Kamen Rider Gaim, and LarsIcon-crosswiki.png in Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai DekarangerIcon-crosswiki.png.


  • His name is play on the phrase 演じ ( Enji), which means "acting" in Japanese. It is also a play on the term of "NG" (Enu Jī), referring to outtakes and technical errors during filming in Japan.
  • The Arsino Magia is named after the Arsinoitherium, an extinct genus of paenungulate mammals belonging to the extinct order Embrithopoda that lived during the late Eocene and the early Oligocene epochs in northern Africa.


  • Arsinotherium is the only animal that is the basis of two different Zetsumerisekeys.
  • Enji is the second Humagear who was forced to transform into a Magia by Gai Amatsu, with the first being Bingo Bengoshi.
  • Although some official materials describe the Arsino Magia as a rhinoceros monster, the Arsinoitherium is more closely related to modern elephants.[1]
  • Enji is the first Humagear to transform into the same Magia on two different occasions.



  1. Vialle N, Merzeraud G, Delmer C, et al. Discovery of an embrithopod mammal (Arsinoitherium?) in the late Eocene of Tunisia[J]. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 2013, 87: 86-92.
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