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Endless Game (終わりなきGame Owarinaki Gēmu) is the forty-fifth and final episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It features the revival of Poppy Pipopapo and Parado (for the second time) since their deaths at episode 44 and the death of Masamune Dan.


Though Gamedeus was finally destroyed at the cost of Poppy Pipopapo and Parado when they extracted the Bugster from his body, Masamune Dan survived and takes advantage of Emu no longer being able to use Hyper Muteki. The Kamen Riders are at a huge disadvantage, while Cronus doesn't hold back, and initiates Pause. All of the Kamen Riders' movements are frozen in time, and he prepares to kill them, starting with Emu…


Parado has faded away, leaving Emu unable to transform into Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer and the Riders thusly helpless against Cronus' power, Masamune taunting them that their fates have led to the bad ending, that they are bugs of the game that must be erased. He transforms into Cronus Chronicle Gamer armed with Gamedeus' weapons, and though the Riders transform to Brave Legacy Gamer Level 100, Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50, Lazer Turbo Proto Sports Bike Gamer Level 0, and Genm Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0, they are all fought back, getting knocked down during Pause. The Riders persist: Genm so he can't be used by Masamune any more, Lazer Turbo to settle the score for the lost, Snipe to not lose anything else, and Brave because doctors fight as long as there are lives to save; despite this, they are all knocked out of their transformations by Cronus' shield's whip arm, their Gashats flying loose and Kuroto fading from another life lost. Emu rushes Cronus but is knocked down, losing his strongest Gashats; Cronus mocks Parado and Poppy's noble but useless sacrifices and triggers Pause, turning day into night, but before he can strike, Emu's Bugster-fueled rage lets him move long enough to punch Cronus' Driver, restarting time and damaging his Driver. Emu, Hiiro, Taiga, and Kiriya use their remaining Gashats and become Ex-Aid Action, Brave Quest, Snipe Shooting, and Lazer Bike Gamers Level 2, launching an all-out assault on Cronus, Genm Action Gamer Level 0 joining after a delayed revival; despite only being Level 2, they quickly gain the upper hand, Ex-Aid explaining that Parado's sacrifice suppressed Masamune's virus and power. Ex-Aid's Mighty Critical Strike and Cronus' Critical Crews-Aid hit each other, and Ex-Aid breaks through, defeating Cronus and reverting night back to day. The Riders untransform and confront Masamune, Emu saying the Ministry of Health will decide his fate; however, as one last act of spite for opposing him, Masamune stabs the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat into himself. In a burst of green energy, the Gashat shatters and he fades, the only key to access the Bugster virus victims' data within the Proto Gashats gone forever. The final judgment has been passed.

On the Seito University Hospital roof, Emu reports events to Director Hinata; despite the end of Kamen Rider Chronicle, scraps of the Bugster virus still exist, and CR will be needed as long as they do. Emu asks a favor. Meanwhile, Doctor Kagami assigns Kiriya to a new partnership program with Genm Corp. to develop specialized treatments for each Bugster virus strain, also reporting that Taiga's clinic has been reinstated as another center to treat the game illness. Looking around his office, Taiga finds a Bang Bang Shooting pin left behind by Nico, who has returned to school, admitting to a pair of friends that she'd used all of her pro gamer winnings to invest in Genm Corp.'s stocks.

A press conference has been called, and Emu addresses reporters: Kamen Rider Chronicle is over, but those erased haven't been revived, still being trapped in the Proto Gashats. He refuses a suggestion that they are dead, instead believing that erasure is simply an advanced symptom of the infection that converts life to data, and can still be cured; Bugsters are as alive as people, and the victims are equally so. Medical treatments improve every day, and however slim the odds, whether it takes five years, ten, or longer, CR will keep working until they find a cure, as that is a doctor's duty. He then lists the victims in their honor and memory. Of Kamen Rider Chronicle: Kenjirou Tsuji, Keisuke Asou, Ryouhei Izumi, Shinsaku Kinoshita, Shinji Ooshima, Reiko Ichinomiya, Tetsuhide Nakamura, and Shou Nomiya. And of Zero Day and its results: Haruo Takaoka, Genta Uesugi, Jiro Maki, Saki Momose, Kiriya Kujo (to Kiriya's surprise and amusement), Sakurako Dan, Masamune Dan, and Kuroto Dan. Emu vows that CR will bring back smiles to everyone. Back in his digital holding cell, there is something Kuroto refuses to accept, and gets to work.

At Genm Corp. in an office full of hamburger decorations, Kiriya meets with the newest new CEO, Tsukuru Koboshi, appointed by the new majority shareholder; they begin work on the vaccine for Salty's virus. As Taiga prepares to treat a game illness patient, a graduated Nico arrives and volunteers to become his clinic's wanted assistant. At the hospital, Hiiro demonstrates a surgical technique on a cream puff to two new interns; he quietly promises to the picture of him and Saki that he will bring her smile back. Emu finishes dealing with a patient before going down to CR, where to his surprise he hears Poppy. Racing to the main room, he finds that Kuroto has successfully revived Poppy from the sample of her virus that had absorbed into his hand, and she'd been reinstated to CR as before. He also says that Emu being able to transform after Parado disappeared means that he'd reinfected Emu from the speck that had absorbed into Emu's hand, Kuroto getting sucked into the Bugvisor II by Poppy for talking too dramatically; as Emu rejoices from the realization, Parado splits out of him, surprised and happy to be alive. An emergency call comes in, and Emu answers it.

And Introducing...

In CR, Kuroto had created a new Gashat. Emu snatches it in curiosity as Poppy and Parado join him, prepared to play this new game with everyone: Kamen Rider Build.


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  • In the previous episode's final scene where Masamune proclaims the Riders to face their "bad end", he is seen raising his Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. However, in the recap of the same scene in this episode, Masamune is seen raising both his arms instead, and presents his Gashat much later.
  • When Masamune transforms, the Driver's standby music doesn't play, and the "Gashatto" announcement plays before the Gashat is inserted.


Emu activates the Gashat to welcome the new series

  • The short sequence in which Kuroto and Emu introduce the Kamen Rider Build Gashat is similar to the traditional Hand-OffIcon-crosswiki.png between Super Sentai series.
  • This marks the return of
  • This is the only episode since its debut that Emu does not assume Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer.
  • This is the only time Kiriya transforms directly into Lazer Biker Gamer Level 2.
  • The scene where the four Riders gather in their Level 2 forms at night is taken from the opening of the series.
  • This is the first season finale episode since Fourze's season finale that doesn't feature a special story or a full epilogue as the plot of the episode.
  • It is the first season finale since Gaim's finale not to feature "Final Story (Special Edition):" before the main part of its name.
  • It's also the first finale since Gaim's that lacks an appearance by the villains from the upcoming series.
  • The making of this episode was shown in the variety show "Konna Tokoro ni aruaru ga. Doyoubi aruaru Bansankai" hosted by Kouji Imada and Rino Sashihara. The show also featured Hiroki Iijima (Emu Hojo), Shun Nishime (Takeru Tenkuji), Kento Handa (Takumi Inui), Hiroshi Fujioka (Takeshi Hongo), Tōru Okazaki (Daisuke Yamamoto), and Tetsuo Kurata (Kohtaro Minami) as guests.[1]
    • In the variety show, it is also revealed that the cast was shooting the scene for 12 hours and continued shooting the next scene on the next day early in the morning (5 a.m. JST).

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