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Yari and Katana Ganma

A pair of Empowered Gamma: Yari and Katana.

Empowered Gamma (強化眼魔 Kyōka Ganma, lit. "Empowered Eye Devil") are the unofficial name of Gamma Assaults which have accessed a unique evolved form to grant the Gamma greater power. They achieve this through the Gamma Eyecons which they are born from, when the Eyecon bonds with an object in the physical world the object is then converted into their equivalent of a Parka Ghost which they infuse with their Primal Body, completing the transformation.

Should an Empowered Gamma absorb a heroic Parka Ghost before a Kamen Rider catches it in a Ghost Eyecon it will become a Giant Gamma, changing into a bigger and more powerful form based on their unique motifs. In order for Kamen Rider Ghost to free the Parka Ghost and capture it in an Eyecon, he must first defeat the Giant Gamma to separate both the Empowered Gamma and the Parka Ghost that the monster has absorbed. Alternatively, a Gamma can become giant by absorbing a large object.

Upon being defeated by a Kamen Rider, the Empowered Gamma is forcibly returned to its Primal Body state as their Parka Ghost is immediately jettisoned from their bodies, before it is subsequently destroyed alongside its Gamma Eyecon and Parka Ghost, which returns to the object it had bonded with.

However, an Empowered Gamma's motif can make a reprisal, in a sense reincarnating the Gamma, through two methods. Using either the same or an identical object to the one said Gamma used to evolve, another Gamma Assault can adopt its motif. As well as that, the motif can be preserved in a specially created Gamma Eyecon which can be used by Gamma Superiors to channel their power.


Gamma Eyecons

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