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Emperor Terror Macro (帝王テラーマクロ Teiō Terā Makuro) is the leader of the Dogma Kingdom, an ancient looking man who surrounds himself with bodyguards. His true form is Kaiser Crow (カイザーグロウ Kaizā Gurō).

Character History

After General Megirl's failure to destroy Super-1, he transforms into Kaiser Crow to fight him personally. He succeeds in killing Benkei, Master Genkai, and all the disciples of the Sekishin Shorinken Fist before being destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Moon Surface Kick. Immortal Emperor Terror Macro's True Identity?


Emperor Terror Macro is defended by a cohort of Dogma Bodyguards who seem to outrank General Megarl. The bells that hang down under his throne ring to announce his appearances, and also serve as a means of discipline. After receiving the "immortality baptism" from the Dogma God, he becomes nearly immortal, save for the spot where the mysterious crow which flew into his castle stood on, as this spot was not covered with the immortality blood. This weak spot ends up working against him when it was discovered by Master Genkai. The crow flies away to expose the weak spot, and then reveals itself to have been working for Marshal Demon all along. As Kaiser Crow, he is armed with sharp talons and micro rockets from the beak and toes.


Kaiser Crow.png
Kaiser Crow's true form

Kaiser Crow Satan Snake Fusion.jpg
Kaiser Crow's fusion form when fused with Satan Snake's corpse. This form is exclusive in Kamen Rider Spirits.

Kamen Rider Spirits

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