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Emperor Maya (マヤ大王 Maya Daiō) is a movie-exclusive character that appeared in Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land. He served as a villain until realizing he was being used by Orma for his plans.


Maya fam

Maya and his family in the real world.

He is the Great Wizard ruling over Magic Land and as a good leader, he is loved by the citizens. However, the public don't realize that Maya was born without Mana and has to rely on Orma to keep up the illusion while painfully aware of his evil intentions to rule Magic Land with an iron fist. Wanting revenge on the world for being different in a world relying on magic, he and Orma use the Thanatos Vessel to drain the public of their mana slowly before activating a switch that would destroy all magic. When Haruto Soma and Koyomi appear, he allows them to stay upon hearing that they are from another world and that Koyomi cannot use magic.

Later that night he talks with Koyomi about being different, sympathizing that she does not possess magic and speaks about wanting the world to just disappear. When Haruto and Nitoh become aware of his plans, Maya marks Haruto as a criminal and has his elite guard sought on him. When Haruto confronts Maya after this fails, Maya activates the Thanatos Vessel to drain the mana of every mage on the planet while revealing his secret that he cannot use mana.

However, when the Vessel activates, Maya sees Haruto and the other mages changing into Phantoms instead of dying, as he somehow witness the Phantomization cracks' presence on Haruto's body. Orma then appears and reveals his intentions and his secret identity as the Drake Phantom. Maya despairs from the fact he was Orma's pawn. As Haruto recovers from the process, he assures Maya he will be his final hope. With Orma defeated, Maya disappears along with Magic Land.

In the real world, Haruto spots Maya's counterpart as a happily married father, with his wife holding their child.

Behind the scenes


Maya is portrayed by Shugo Oshinari (忍成 修吾 Oshinari Shūgo).

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