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Elephant Orphnoch Tosshintai

Rush Form

The Elephant Orphnoch (エレファントオルフェノク Erefanto Orufenoku) was an Orphnoch who assumed the form of a Coated Man (コートの男 Kōto no Otoko). He has an elephant-like rush form, sharp tusks on the sides of his head, reifnorced armor, and is equipped with a cannon with a 500 meter range that can tear through iron 2 meters thick.


Able to assume a centaur-like Rush Form (突進態 Tosshintai), the Elephant Orphnoch was after the Faiz Gear, encountering Mari when she took Takumi's bag by mistake. When he attempted to crush Mari, the Elephant Orphnoch was destroyed by Faiz's Crimson Smash.

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

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Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation to Orphnoch: As all his race, he can transform from human to Orphnoch.
  • Destroy hearts: As Orphnoch, he can used his tentacle or weapon for eliminated the hearts of the victims in burst of flames.
  • Superhuman Strength: He can able of hurt of Faiz with his punchs.
  • Superhuman Endurance: he can resist the attacks of Faiz, different to Stingfish Orphnoch.
  • Rush Form: Assume the centaur-form. He can break walls, grow him size, smash and dash theirs opponents with giant hooves.


  • Cannon: Him cannon can shoot to great distance.


In an alteration to history brought about by Time Jacker Ora transforming Ryuichi Sakuma into Another Faiz on October 25th 2003, just as Takumi was about to kill the Elephant Orphnoch, the Orphnoch were evidently erased from history while Takumi lost his identity as Kamen Rider Faiz. 555・913・2003


The Elephant Orphnoch's costume was modified into the Armadillo Orphnoch and then modified it back without modifying his body in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, but was modified into the Armadillo Orphnoch once again in Super Hero Taisen.[1]



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