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"This is sacred ground, no place for a human to tread."
―El of the Wind[src]

El of the Wind (風のエル Kaze no Eru)[1] is the hawk-themed Lord and the strongest of the air-based Lords. He is created by the Overlord to ensure no one intervene while he is channeling his power. The El of the Wind uses a longbow named the Merciful Kamtha (憐憫のカマサ Renbin no Kamasa) to fire arrows at his victims, causing them to disappear with only their clothes remaining.


The El of the Wind fought Gills after killing off a witness to the Overlord's trance, overpowering him in even Exceed Form and Agito's Burning Form with little trouble. He later aided the El of Ground in defeating Agito Shining Form but before the two Lords could kill him, G3-X and then Exceed Gills arrived to even the playing field. He fought Exceed Gills and G3-X before being wounded by the GX-Launcher and defeated by Exceed Gills' Double Exceed Heel Claw attack.


El of the Wind

  • Height: 220 cm
  • Weight: 164 kg

Behind the Scenes

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El of the Wind concept art



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