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"O thou who art dust... unto dust thou shalt return."
―El of the Ground[src]

El of the Ground (地のエル Chi no Eru)[1] is a lion-themed Lord and the strongest of the land-based Lords, he was created by the Overlord to continue the Lords' task to slaughter those with the potential to become Agito. He wields a sword named the Piousiful Quanda (敬虔のカンダ Keiken no Kanda). He was able to turn people into dust with his sand and burrow underground.

Plot and Overview

This El holds considerable strength as apparent from his first encounter with Gills, who engaged him in battle for the death of Risa. He was even able to outmatch Agito, despite switching into his Ground and Burning Forms.

However, he was no match for Shining Form Agito, whom mortally wounded him with his Shining Clash attack. The El was then re-energized and strengthened by the Overlord, added by the El Lord of Wind to defeat Agito. However, Gills and G3-X soon arrived to even the odds, taking on the El Lord of Wind. The El Lord of Earth was quickly outmatched by Agito in Shining Form and finally destroyed by Agito's Shining Rider Kick.


El of the Ground

El of the Ground

El of the Ground Empowered

El of the Ground (Empowered)



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