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Icon-kr.pngThis article is about a suit actor in the Kamen Rider Series.

Hisanori Oiwa (大岩 永徳, Ōiwa Hisanori), better known under his stage name Eitoku (永徳), is a Japanese actor, stuntman, and suit actor best known for suit-acting as many major Kamen Riders.

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Super Hero Taihen

In the comedic Super Hero TaihenIcon-crosswiki.png net movie Kamen Rider Murder Mystery! You’re the Great Detective!Icon-crosswiki.png, Eitoku, tired of being the suit actor of the Secondary Riders such as Diend from Decade, Accel from W, Urataros of Den-O and currently Meteor from Fourze, aspires to take Seiji Takaiwa's lead Rider role. Eitoku then attempts to kill Takaiwa by murdering his previous roles Decade, Double and Momotaros, only managing to kill Jun Watanabe, Jiro Okamoto, and Yugo Fujii respectively, as Takaiwa is currently in Fourze.

In the end, Eitoku is taken away by the police, with Fourze telling him that he can come back to working on the Rider shows when he does his time. Decade, Double, and Momotaros suddenly appear, making it clear to Eitoku that when he comes back he won't be number two, not even number three, certainly not number one, or even fourth and fifth, more a lowly kaijin or Shocker Combatman. It is then revealed that Decade, Double and Momotaros are alive and well, but before the situation could be cleared up, Eitoku was taken away to be imprisoned.

Ironically, in the real world, Jun Watanabe would take the role of the secondary Rider of Kamen Rider Wizard, Beast, in Eitoku's place. This happened when Eitoku sustained an accident while rehearsing for the Tiger & Bunny the Live stage play.[1] Nearly a year later, Eitoku recovered from his injury and has resumed his work.

In 2022, during the production of Kamen Rider Revice, Eitoku would finally take the spot of the leading Rider suit role with the introduction of Kamen Rider Jack Revice, due to the form being Vice hijacking and taking over the body of Kamen Rider Revi, who is normally suit-acted by Yuya Nawata.[2]


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