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Eiji Kirihara (桐原 英治 Kirihara Eiji) is a policeman. He helped the Special Investigation Unit in the transportation vehicles attack event.

Character History

Kirihara has been receiving favors from Font-R president Kuramochi to turn a blind eye when he found out about Font-R's liquid explosive creations.

When the Crash Roidmude and his lackeys began attacking trucks, with Font-R's trucks getting hit the worst due to Crash's energy spikes tend to be explosive once he gets a swig of the explosives, Kirihara brought the incidents to the Special Investigation Unit after the Kamen Rider managed to beat back Crash and co when they raided a Font-R truck.

However, one explosive-carrying Font-R truck was discovered by Shinnosuke, one tailed by Lieutenant Otta, was raided and the contents shown, and when Kuramochi was pulled into the station for mild questioning, Kirihara stepped in and froze the Unit cold, then ordered Rinna to shut down the main system (the only system the Special Investigation Unit has to investigate Heaviness-detected areas). However, unknown to him, Rinna had guided Kiriko to investigate Kirihara's background, and when a spirited Shinnosuke goes into the Unit to investigate where Crash's Heaviness field was, the rest of the Unit cornered Kirihara and exposed his connection to Kuramochi.

Behind the Scenes


Eiji Kirihara is portrayed by Takashika Kobayashi (小林 高鹿 Kobayashi Takashika).


  • Eiji would later be referenced in Secret Mission Type TOKUJO, where it was revealed that Eiji was sacked from his under-the-table dealings with Font-R.
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