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Eiichi Toda (戸田 英一), otherwise known as the Squid Orphnoch (スクィッドオルフェノク, Sukuiddo Orufenoku), was the temporary head of Smart Brain.

Toda uses a staff that he uses to Sire by shooting a victim in the face with a glob of ink, that than goes inside the body and destroys the heart. He can also move in a blink of an eye. Originally tracking down the Faiz Gear until it came to Tokyo, Toda was reasigned by Smart Lady to educate Kiba and Yuka in the nature of their Orphnoch sides.

After the two refused to Sire, Toda goes on siring rampage starting with Kaido until he sees Takumi and Mari. After chasing them down, Toda is fatally injured by Faiz's Crimson Smash, dying after telling Kiba and Yuka their final lesson.


  • Height: 217 cm
  • Weight: 141 kg

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation to Orphnoch: As all his race, he can transform from human to Orphnoch.
  • Destroy hearts: As Orphnoch, he can used his tentacle or weapon for eliminated the hearts of his victims in burst of flames.  
  • Teleportation: He can teleport in any place with form of attack and escape. 


  • Staff: With umbrella-form, he can shoot glob of ink to his victims, destroys the hearts.

Kamen Rider Wizard

The Squid Orphnoch's destruction at the hands of Faiz (as seen in Trio × Trio) was shown in a recollection by Amadum as he explained the nature of his world as a paradise for monsters destroyed by the Kamen Riders. The Kamen Rider Rings

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