This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A savage anteater-like creature with crab-like claws. Edentada is a creature that feasted on Edenoites and acquired their powers. The Edentada was a fierce digger. Count Dregon had absolutely no control over the creature. Under Gork's suggestion, he launched it during Masked Rider's fight with Robo Rider. Robo Rider was instructed to keep Edentada in its cave. During the confrontation, Robo Rider forced it back in the cave. It starts to cause earthquakes when it starts to get hungry for Masked Rider causing Count Dregon to send Nefaria to stop its hunger strike. Masked Rider finds the cave Edentada is in and fights it before Nefaria arrives with Cyclopter, Double Face, and Gork to bring Edentada back. However, Edentada attacked them which caused some magma to be released. As Masked Rider headed to the surface, Edentada started digging fast causing the entire area to become destabilized. After defeating Robo Rider and obtaining the Super Gold powers, Dex transformed into Masked Rider and then transforms into his Super Gold form to fight Edentada. Dex discovers that Edentada has planted a bomb. After disarming the bomb, Dex had Combat Chopper tackle Edentada. Dex then used his Ecto-Ray to destroy Edentada. Fits the category of Gork's monsters.

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