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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of alcohol drinking. Viewer discretion is advised!

Durian Rider, Go to War! (ドリアンライダー、参戦! Dorian Raidā, Sansen!) is the sixth episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. It features the debut of Kamen Rider Bravo.


Hase and Jonouchi transform into Armored Riders Kurokage and Gridon, but something strange happens during their fight with Baron against Gaim and Ryugen. Later, Kouta tries to get a part-time job at a pastry shop, only to be disturbed by the effeminate head chef.


After Ryoji christen themselves Kurokage and Gridon, Jonouchi was not happy about the choice of name, the two Armored Riders suddenly attack Armored Rider Baron and defeat him. Luckily, Kaito is saved by Armored Riders Gaim and Ryugen driving the two Armored Riders off. Though Kouta offers a helping hand, Kaito refuses his help and walks off.

The next day, with Mitsuzane serving as Team Gaim's primary Armored Rider as his team and Team Baron are tied, Kouta arrives to the Charmant pastry shop for an interview by the bakery's effeminate owner who turns him down for personal reasons. While visited by Mai when he returned to his apartment, Kouta learns the man to be Oren Pierre Alfonzo who studied in France to become a passtier.

Elsewhere, after leaving Team Baron, Team Red Hot's leader Sonomura obtains the last Sengoku Driver. Mitsuzane learns of his brother's possession of a Sengoku Driver while secretly taking a Lockseed. The next day, arriving with a crowd to where Ryoji and Jonouchi are training, Kouta learns the gathering was orchestrated by Oren who reveals the Sengoku Driver he took from Team Red Hot when he kicked them out for their inability as fighters and uses it to transform into an Armored Rider.

Explaining to Kouta that he finds conflict entertaining and wants to make the fight so, Oren easily defeats Kurokage and Gridon.


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Gaim EP05 Lockseeds

Armored Rider Gaim's Lockseed Collection: 4

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Kamen Rider Gaim Volume 2 features episodes 5-8: Revival! Ichigo Arms of Friendship!, Durian Rider, Go to War!, Great Ball Watermelon, Big Bang! and Baron's New Power, Mango! [1]

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