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Drupers Front

Drupers's front view

Drupers (ドルーパーズ Dorūpāzu) is a fruit parlor owned by Kiyojiro Bando, where he is known for his parfaits. Drupers is where Kouta and his friends hang out, and Bando will often give them advice and information on what is happening around town. Lock Dealer Sid often does his business of selling Lockseeds in a corner room of the establishment.

The only known employee is Iyo, until Kouta was hired there. While Kouta was out fighting, Mai steps up to take his place.

It is amazingly still opened during the Over Lord's invasion on Earth, if the Armored Riders are around trying to save the city. The reason why was because Bando doesn't want Kouta out of a job.

It was temporary closed when the soldiers arrived to evacuate the remaining civilians of Zawame, until a time that Kouta saved the world, but left Earth into a new planet. After the end of Helheim invasion months later, Drupers is reopened once again and is now having a friendly partnership with Charmant.


In the altered timeline, Drupers moved to the building that was Team Gaim's hangout in the original timeline. Kouta was a full time employee there, carrying produce deliveries and supplies for the shop and stocking them.


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