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"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Vegas!"
―Finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: American Dream!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Tridoron via Drive Driver and Shift Tridoron[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Atare!"
―Finisher announcement for Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle: Atare!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

The Drum Shields (ドラムシールド Doramu Shīrudo) are a pair of Tire Specific Items modeled after slot machine wheels and poker chips that are wielded by Kamen Rider Drive when he uses the Shift Dream Vegas Car to activate the Dream Vegas Tire, which can also be combined with the Dimension Cab and Amazing Circus Tires to create the American Dream Tire via Type Tridoron's Tire Blending ability.

It can also be accessed by Kamen Rider Mach if he inserts the Shift Car into his Mach Driver Honoh to activate the Kourin Signal Atare. Ultimately, however, Mach was never shown to use this ability.


The Drum Shields can not only protect Drive from enemy attacks but also allow him to assault enemies by bashing the shields into them, thanks to the Circular Gold (サーキュラーゴールド Sākyurā Gōrudo) alloy at the center of them, which are strong enough to absorb the kinetic force of projectiles.

When Drive activates the Full Throttle finishing move Million Attack (ミリオンアタック Mirion Atakku), he combines the Drum Shields with the Dream Vegas Tire, which shifts most of his body to the side, and causes all three wheels to spin much like an actual slot machine until each one lands on an icon. Depending on both the icon and Drive's luck, the finisher will have a different effect.

  • Tire: Makes Drive shoot one gold coin pathetically at the target.
  • Seven: Makes Drive shoot a barrage of gold coins at the target. Alternatively, the coins can be used for a smokescreen by exploding.




  • This is the first Tire Specific Item to be in the form of a pair, followed by the Monster.
  • The Drum Shields are rather similar to Kamen Rider Beast's Dice Saber, as its finisher depends on luck to get a certain amount of power.
  • The coins ejected from the Drum Shields and Dream Vegas Tire when the finisher is used are recycled Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO.


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