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Icon-drive.png This article is about a transformation item used by several identities in Kamen Rider Drive.

The Transformation Belt Drive Driver (変身ベルト ドライブドライバー, Henshin Beruto Doraibu Doraibā) is the transformation device primarily used by Shinnosuke Tomari to transform into Kamen Rider Drive. It houses the consciousness of the scientist Krim Steinbelt, whom Shinnosuke affectionally refers to as Mr. Belt (ベルトーさん, Beruto-san).


The Drive Driver consists of the following parts:

  • Advanced Ignition (アドバンスドイグニッション, Adobansudo Igunisshon): The red ignition key used to activate the engine of the Driver. When the Advanced Ignition is turned, the Core Driviar-D's mechanisms inside the Driver is rotated at very high speeds, shifting the Driver to a standby state to allow transformations and deathblows.
  • Core Driviar-D (コア・ドライビア-D, Koa Doraibia-D): The section with the Drive logo underneath the Central Face and between the Front Hexa Intakes, The Core Driviar-D creates energy through its internal mechanisms, and is responsible for preserving Drive's transformation state and any human consciousness (in this case, Krim Steinbelt) inside of the Driver. In any case the Driver is compromised, the Core Driviar-D forces the inbuilt consciousness to enter a sleep mode, when it can then be moved to a different area of the Driver.
  • Front Hexa Intake(フロントヘキサインテーク (Furonto Hekisa Intēku): The two small black grille-like sections at the front of the Driver. It takes up any energy in the air and sucks it up to assist the Core Drivar-D in energy production. Additionally, the sucked-in air helps cool down the Driver.
  • Dual Scanner (デュアルスキャナー, De~yuaru Sukyanā): The two yellow headlight-like sections of the Driver. It is an optical scanner that allows the Driver to scan and inspect objects. It also serves as a video recorder, allowing the Driver to identify people, places and/or things and compare them with image or video fragments from police archives.
  • Safe Solid Buckle (セーフソリッドバックル, Sēfu Soriddo Bakkuru): Metal fittings that allow the Drive Driver to attach to the Driver Webbing. If the red "PRESS" button on the left side of the Driver is pushed, the Driver can disengage from the strap, akin to a seatbelt. A vibration reduction device is installed on the Buckle to reduce violent vibrations in combat to prevent the Driver from falling off. Because of the vibration reduction device, any vibration produced by the Core Driviar-D is cancelled, allowing the Driver to stay silent while still producing energy.
  • Driver Webbingリアセーフティデバイス (Doraibā U~ebingu) The strap of the belt. It is made by a flexible metal fiber and can retract or extend as the Krim desires.
  • Central Face (セントラルフェイス, Sentoraru Feisu): The most prominent feature of the Drive Driver. As the name suggests, it is the Central portion of the Driver that also acts as Krim Steinbelt's face. It is a circular digital display that exhibits corresponding graphics according to the Rider's current form. It also allows Krim to display facial expressions, allowing him to communicate with other people much easier.
  • Shift Link Reciever (シフトリンクレシーバー, Shifuto Rinku Reshībā): A gray section jutting on top of the Central Face, it receives signals from the Shift Brace and tells the Driver when to transform, deal deathblows or summon weapons.
  • Rear Safety Device (リアセーフティデバイス, Ria Sēfuti Debaisu): The rear plating section of the Driver Webbing. It analyses the Rider's condition and warns them of his/her condition whenever sustaining injuries. Of course, the final decision to continue combat is up to the wearer. It also serves as a connecting device when the Driver is fitted onto a cradle or something similar when out of combat. It is also responsible for data communication.


"Start your engine!"
―Standard activation announcement[src]

"Start our engine!"
―Special activation announcement[src]

"Start our mission!"
―Activation announcement for Dark Drive[src]

"Drive Type (Shift Car name)! (Music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Tire Koukan: (Shift Car)! (Music/sound effect)"
―Tire Exchange announcement[src]

"Come On! (Shift Car names)! Tire Kakimazerl! (Combo name)! (Music)"
―Tire Blending announcement[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle! (Shift Car name)!"
―Standard finisher announcement[src]

"(Super) Dead Heat!"
―Finisher announcement for Type Dead Heat & Super Dead Heat Drive[src]

―Finisher announcement for Type Next[src]

"Nice Drive!"
―Deactivation announcement[src]

Main article: Shift Brace

Drive Driver

The main six expressions of Mr. Belt. (Staring from the top left corner clockwise; Happy, Angry, Confounded, Normal, Expressionless, & Sad)

Unlike other conventional drivers, the Drive Driver only acts as a sensor, while the actual activation for the Shift Cars are performed on the Shift Brace (シフトブレス, Shifuto Buresu). This does not detract at all from Mr. Belt's role, however. He can remotely control Tridoron and the Shift Cars on his own to provide reinforcements for Shinnosuke.

If he needs a more "hands-on" approach to communication and reconnaissance, he can directly control Tridoron and any of the Type Change Shift Cars, excluding Shift Deadheat. Once enough Shift Tires have been summoned by Drive, Mr. Belt can command all of them to fly towards the enemy with the command "All Tire Attack" (オールタイヤアタック, Ōru Taiya Atakku).

Episode 18 also shows that the Drive Driver's belt straps can be used as claws to attack Roidmudes, which Mr. Belt used when he was summoned by Shinnosuke to distract the Judge Roidmude long enough for him to transform.

As of episode 25, the Drive Driver has been upgraded to deal with Roidmudes that evolved using Neo Viral Cores by targeting attacks to harm only the Roidmude body and Core, without harming the human host, much to Krim's discomfort.

Drive Driver in control of Shinnosuke.

When Mr. Belt and Shinnosuke were revived by the Special Investigation Unit members and the new Shift Car Shift Tridoron was introduced, he gains an additional ability, which is to borrow Shinnosuke's body as well as Drive in Type Tridoron to fight alongside him. Once Mr. Belt is in command, Shinnosuke's eyes shine red with a car beeping noise to signify Belt's control.

In the dystopian future of year 2035, the Drive Driver has been modified and upgraded. Though the Krim Steinbelt AI in the driver is gone or nonexistent, the Drive Driver has an autonomous mode that allows the Drive Driver to fight without a host. The Krim Steinbelt AI from 2015 is restored onto the 2035 Drive Driver during Surprise Future.


  • Kamen Rider Drive
    • Shinnosuke Tomari (Drive Episodes 1-4, Secret Mission Type TV-KUN, Drive 5, 7-9, Movie War Full Throttle, Drive 10-13, Type HIGH SPEED, Drive 14-16, 18-22, Ninninger Vs. Drive, Super Hero Taisen GP, Kamen Rider 4: Episodes 1-3, Drive 23, Secret Mission Type TOKUJO Episode 1, 4, Drive 25, 27-35, 38, 40, Surprise Future, Drive Saga: Chaser, Drive 42, Type LUPIN, Drive 45, 48, Super Movie War Genesis, Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider, Be The One, Heisei Generations FOREVER, Over Quartzer, Reiwa: The First Generation, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki)
    • Kiriko Shijima (Secret Mission Type TOKUJO Episode 1)
  • Kamen Rider Protodrive (Type ZERO, Drive Episodes 1, 3-4, 10, 31, Drive Saga: Chaser)
  • Fake Drive (Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born!)
  • Kamen Rider Dark Drive (Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen)
  • Kamen Rider Zero Drive (Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis)
  • Kamen Rider Heart (Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Heart)


Behind the Scenes


The Drive Driver, is portrayed by Chris Peppler.


The Drive Driver has been noted by producer Takahito Omori as Drive's version of K.I.T.T., the automobile housing an artificial intelligence in the TV series Knight Rider, keeping with Drive's description as 'Kamen Rider meets Knight Rider'.[1]



  1. Translated version of the Interview from the "Kamen Rider Drive Staff Cross Talk" Magazine Scan


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