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Drill Crusher Blade

Drill Crusher

"Ready, go! Vortex Break!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

The Rotary SwordGun Drill Crusher (ロータリー剣銃ドリルクラッシャー Rōtarī Ken Jū Doriru Kurasshā) is Kamen Rider Build's primary weapon[1] that can be accessed by any form of Build. It is also Kamen Rider Evol's personal weapon in Rabbit Form. It can be wielded by Sento and Ryuga while not transformed without any problem.


  • Dri-Spiral Blade (ドリスパイラルブレード Dori Supairaru Burēdo): The Drill Crusher Blade Mode's drill blade. It's designed such that it can scrape off the enemy's armor when revolving at high speeds, and is lightweight. When in gun mode, it can double up as the Gun Spiral Muzzle (ガンスパイラルマズル Gan Supairaru Mazuru), the bullets of which fly out while rotating at high speeds to more easily penetrate the target. It is also possible to customize it according to the situation by adjusting the fire immunity, explosive power, caliber, etc.
  • Bray Grip (ブレイグリップ Burei Gurippu): The grip of the Drill Crusher. The motion detecting system within it optimizes the weapons's own behavior at the time of the attack by analyzing the enemy's behavior, and the user's own habits.
  • Connect Lancer (コネクトランサー Konekuto Ransā): A pair of connection points located on the top and front of the Drill Crusher's base for the Drill Spiral Blade to attach to.
  • Fullbottle Slot (フルボトルスロット Furu Botoru Surotto): A slot at the back of the Drill Crusher for Fullbottles to go into when executing special attacks. All it has to do is take in the components of the bottle itself, and activate a special system for an attack depending on which Fullbottle is plugged into it.
  • Vortex Meter (ボルテックメーター Borutekku Mētā): A series of gauges attached to the side of the Drill Crusher that show the operating state of the internal engine. The faster the needles swing left and right, the better the attack power.
  • Vortex Trigger (ボルテックトリガー Borutekku Torigā): The gun mode's trigger. Once a Fullbottle is plugged into the slot, pulling it will trigger a special attack depending on which Fullbottle is in the slot.


The Drill Crusher is able to change from its base Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo) into its Gun Mode (ガンモード Gan Mōdo) by removing the Drill Spiral Blade and inserting the tip into the Connect Lancer on the side the handle, allowing Build to switch from close quarter combat to ranged combat.


The Drill Crusher's finisher is the Vortex Break (ボルテックブレイク Borutekku Bureiku). To activate it, Build must plug a Fullbottle into the Full Bottle Slot of the weapon.

  • Blade Mode: Build channels the energy of a Fullbottle and performs a powerful slash.

  • Rabbit: The Drill Spiral Blade spins such that it creates a tornado before Build performs a red energy slash.
  • Gorilla: The Drill Spiral Blade cloaks itself in an energy projection that bears a striking resemblance to the Muscle Glove.
  • Ninjya: Purple energy Drill Spiral Blades are projected and spin violently around the Drill Crusher.
  • Kaizoku: The Drill Spiral Blade spins such that it creates an energy whirlpool before Build performs a double azure energy slash, or an energy whirlpool blast.
  • Unicorn: An energy projection resembling a unicorn's horn spins around the Drill Crusher as Build performs a powerful stab attack.

  • Rocket: The Drill Spiral Blade surrounds itself with energy before detaching from the Connect Lancer and launching itself at the enemy like a rocket.

  • Gun Mode: Build channels the energy of a Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast.

  • Harinezumi: Build shoots white energy spikes at the enemy.
  • Rose: Build shoots bullets resembling Rose's petals with vermillion spiral projection at the enemy.

  • Sensuikan: Build shoots some torpedoes at the enemy.

Build can combine the Drill Crusher's finisher with the Build Driver to perform a powerful finisher.

  • Sparkling Finish/Vortex Break (スパークリングフィニッシュ/ボルテックブレイク Supākuringu Finisshu/Borutekku Bureiku): After plugging a Fullbottle into the Full Bottle Slot of the Drill Crusher, Build, in his RabbitTank Sparkling Form, can perform a powerful, bubbly finisher.
    • Blade: Build channels the energy of a Full Bottle in his Drill Crusher and performs a powerful slash.
      • Kabutomushi: The Drill Spiral Blade cloaks itself in an energy projection resembling a rhinoceros beetle's horn and performs a powerful bubbly stab attack.



  • The Drill Crusher is similar to the Drill SaberIcon-crosswiki from Denji Sentai MegarangerIcon-crosswiki as both are swords with a drill as blade and an alternate gun mode. However, the Drill Crusher can turn into its Gun Mode by itself while the Drill Saber needs to combine with another weaponIcon-crosswiki.

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