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Dreaming of Tomorrow (明日なる夢 Asunaru Yume) is the forty-eighth and final episode of Kamen Rider Hibiki. It is the debut of Kamen Rider Kyoki


With Hibiki at the helm the Onis stop Orochi. This episode takes place a year later where Asumu has detached himself from the Tachibana Sweet Shop and all those who work in it.


A year has passed since the sealing of the Orochi and all the Oni have survived the great battle. Asumu and Hibki have become estranged as Asumu graduates and becomes an assistant at a local hospital.

When a child falls over a cliff, Asumu rushes to his rescue and soon calls Kiriya for help. After the ordeal, the two discuss the changes in their life and are contacted by Akira, saying that Mochida was kidnapped by a new type of Makamou.

The two track down and find the Makamou. Kiriya is knocked out and Asumu tends to his wounds, though soon Kiriya transforms into his own Oni form to fight off the Makamou.

After Kiriya is knocked unconscious in his battle with the Makamou Ibuki and Todoroki arrive. Hibiki arrives before long and defeats the Makamou as a Rokurokubi appears. Asumu and Kiriya run and save Mochida from the experiment by the Man and Woman. Asumu returns to watch Hibiki fight the Rokurokubi just to be knocked out by the shock wave of Hibiki's finisher. Upon awakening, Asumu shares a discussion with Hibiki on a cliff overlooking the ocean in a scene reminiscent of their first deep discussion two years ago on Yaku island.


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