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―Transformation announcement for Masked Form[src]

"Cast Off: Change Dragonfly!"
―Transformation announcement for Rider Form[src]

"Rider Shooting!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

Drake Zecter

Drake Zecter

Drake Gun

Drake Zecter combined with Drake Grip.

The Drake Zecter (ドレイクゼクター Doreiku Zekutā) allows Daisuke Kazama to transform into Kamen Rider Drake. As with all of the Zecters, Drake has two basic forms that the user can transform into: Masked Form and Rider Form.

In order to initiate the transformation into Masked Form, the Drake Zecter flies until its tail touches the Drake Grip. By pulling the end of the Drake Zecter's tail while attached to the Drake Grip, the user can Cast Off (キャストオフ Kyasuto Ofu) and enter Rider Form. Clipping its wings together and turning it 90 degrees backward and pulling the end of the Drake Zecter's tail once again allows the user to perform the Rider Shooting (ライダーシューティング Raidā Shūtingu) attack. Returning the Zecter's wings to its original position and pulling the end of its tail once more initiates the Put On (プットオン Putto On) command, though this is never showcased in the series proper.

Behind the scenes


As with all the Zecters, the Drake Zecter's voice is provided by Surage Gajria (スラージ・ガジリア Surāji Gajiria).