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To make up for the lack of strength, Kamen Rider Kuuga Dragon Form uses the Dragon Rod (ドラゴンロッド Doragon Roddo) staff as his weapon, which is created whenever Kuuga is using any pole or stick-like object to manifest it. His finishing move with the Dragon Rod is known as the Splash Dragon (スプラッシュドラゴン Supurasshu Doragon), which is an aerial thrust attack to the torso.

After Dragon Form is upgraded by the golden power into Rising Dragon (ライジングドラゴン Raijingu Doragon), Kuuga gains a golden trim with his weapon being enhanced into the Rising Dragon Rod (ライジングドラゴンロッド Raijingu Doragon Roddo) voulge, giving it the appearance of a twin-ended spear, improving the Dragon Splash finishing move into the Rising Splash Dragon (ライジングスプラッシュドラゴン Raijingu Supurasshu Doragon), where Kuuga impales the Rising Dragon Rod into an unfortunate Gurongi.


A.R. Worlds

In the World of Kuuga, Yusuke Onodera assumed Dragon Form and performed the Splash Dragon to destroy Me-Gyarido-Gi. The World of Kuuga

Pitted against X-Rider during the Rider Battle in the World of Decade, Kuuga assumed Dragon Form and used the Dragon Rod to counter the Ridol Stick and best X-Rider. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

Gurongi destroyed by the Dragon Rod



Form Ride Kuuga Dragon

Form Ride: Kuuga Dragon Form.

With the Kuuga Dragon Form Ride Card, Kamen Rider Decade transforms into Kuuga's Dragon Form, wielding the Dragon Rod. He used this while fighting Wataru in the World of Kiva. Second Movement ♬ Prince Kiva

Other Version


When Kuuga Ultimate Form uses the Dragon Rod, it's in its Rising Form and all blue accents on the weapon turn black in color. This was never used in the series but is shown in some toys of Kuuga.


The Dragon Rod is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


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