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The Dragon Halfbody (ドラゴンパスハーフボディ Doragon Hāfubodi) is a bioitc A-Side Halfbody of Kamen Rider Build, and both the A and B-Side Halfbodies of Kamen Rider Cross-Z. Accessed through the Dragon Fullbottle (and Cross-Z Dragon for Cross-Z), its Best Match is the Lock Halfbody.

In any form that uses the Dragon Fullbottle, the user can make powerful punches and scratches with his right hand augmented by blue flames. When Build uses this Fullbottle, it tends to be unstable, because of its immense power and close tuning to Ryuga instead of Sento. Its power is so strong that even its Best Match configuration cannot stabilize it for long, and Sento can be forced out of his transformation and get injured.

Cross-Z's B-Side Dragon Halfbody features extra gold detailing not seen on the A-Side's, and a separate armament adds more gold to his face and shoulders.


(Design only applies to A-Side)

  • Blaze Head Armor (Bureizu Heddo Āmā) - The navy blue head armor. It has a function that optimises defensive movement, allowing the user to dodge enemy attacks with minimal effort.
  • Left Eye Dragon (レフトアイドラゴン Refuto Ai Doragon) - The eyepiece. Enhances the user's speed and increases their attack avoidance rate in combat. Its surface is covered with a clear shield layer with excellent impact resistance to protect internal visual sensors during intense combat.
  • Dragon Face Module (ドラゴンフェイスモジュール Doragon Feisu Mojūru) - The 'dragon horn' on the Left Eye Dragon. An built in exothermic device raises armor temperature to melting points at certain times, increasing the destructiveness of attacks and deathblows. The exothermic device is usually activated according to the user's mental state/emotions.
  • BLD Signal (BLDシグナル BLD Shigunaru) - A data collection device located on the forehead area. It not only collects combat data, but also performs emergency repairs on the body when necessary. Additionally, it can project any information holographically.
  • Blaze Chest Armor (ブレイズチェストアーマー Bureizu Chesuto Āmā) - The navy blue chest armor sections. Its surface layer is heated. The Blaze Chest Armor can convert the ingredients within the Dragon Fullbottle into a flame that can cover the body. When the user is coated in flames, their attack performance increases dramatically. This increase in performance is dubbed Blaze Up Mode (ブレイズアップモード Bureizu Appu Mōdo).
  • BLD Infight Shoulder (BLDインファイトショルダー BLD Infaito Shorudā) - The right shoulder armor. It optimises arm movement, increasing its speed and power.
  • Drago Rush Arm (ドラゴラッシュアーム Dorago Rasshu Āmu) - The right arm. Mounted on the Drago Rush Arm are the white Fango Blades (ファングオブレイド Fanguo Bureido), allowing the user to slash enemies. Furthermore, the entire arm can be coated in a flame to increase damage.
  • BLD Infight Glove (BLDインファイトグローブ BLD Infaito Gurōbu) - The right hand. By grasping firmly, it’s destructive power is increased. The BLD Infight gloves protect the fist from impact recoil. Depending on the user's emotions, its offensive ability will increase, making it possible to finish opponents with one punch.
  • BLD Unlimited Suit (BLDアンリミテッドスーツ BLD Anrimiteddo Sūtsu) - The shock-resistant bodysuit. Along with protecting the wearer’s body, there is a limiter installed that can be released to bring out full physical ability.
  • Drago Rush Leg (ドラゴラッシュレッグ Dorago Rasshu Reggu) - The left leg. Specialises in jumping, knee-drop landings, and allows the user to finish opponents with a fiery kick.
  • Quick Step Shoes (クイックステップシューズ Kuikku Suteppu Shūzu) - The left foot. It has a footwork optimisation function, and allows the user to slide on the ground.



KRBu-Dragon Fullbottle

Dragon Fullbottle

Vortex Finish

Dragonic Finish (ドラゴニックフィニッシュ Doragonikku Finisshu): This attack has two variations:

  • Rider Kick: Cross-Z summons a blue and orange energy chinese dragon that flies behind him, then jumps up as the dragon breaths fire, sending him at the enemy, then delivers a roundhouse kick whilst his foot is covered in blue energy.
  • Rider Punch: Cross-Z coats his right hand in energy in the shape of a blue chinese dragon head, then delivers a punch.


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