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"Soda! Dragon Energy Arms! (Fast techno music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Dragon Energy Arms (ドラゴンエナジーアームズ Doragon Enajī Āmuzu) is an alternate pitaya-based armored European Knight/Archer form of New Generation Riders. Accessed through the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed, this form's Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow, while the Riders wear an unnamed helmet with an unnamed visor. While it is the default form of Armored Rider Tyrant, it can also be used by other Riders, provided that the latter has a Genesis Driver.


The prototype Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed was created by Ryoma Sengoku, who gave it to Alfred alongside a Genesis Driver, allowing him to become the New Generation Rider Tyrant, Ryoma's motive being that Alfred would serve as a guinea pig to test the Lockseed's power. Intending to use his newfound power to take over the Foundation which he served, Alfred attempted to kill his master's adopted heir, Shapool. Tyrant was opposed by Shapool's doppelganger, Kaito Kumon who defended him as Armored Rider Baron. In his battle with Baron, Alfred realized that the Lockseed he had been given channeled the raw power of Helheim too late as he was transformed into an Over Lord Inves which was ultimately destroyed by Baron's Ringo Arms. Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Baron

A second perfected Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed was constructed for New Generation Rider Duke's use, the professor having been recreated as Mecha Ryoma Sengoku by Megahex. Though the cyborg Duke easily overpowered Armored Rider Ryugen in this new Arms, he was engaged and ultimately destroyed by Armored Rider Zangetsu. Kamen Rider Gaim: Advance to the Last Stage


Arms Change



Finishing attacks

  • Dragon Fruits Energy Squash (ドラゴンフルーツエナジースカッシュ Doragon Furutsū Enajī Sukasshu): Duke fuels all the energy from the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed into his body, which is then converted into Sonic Arrow, before he executes Pitaya-shaped energy slash attack.

  • Dragon Energy (ドラゴンエナジー Doragon Enajī): Duke locks the Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed into the Sonic Arrow and fires a powerful arrow shot that when it hits a target forms a Asian lung energy for a brief second before exploding.


  • The Soda! sound is different when Tyrant and Duke change into this form respectively.
    • Tyrant's version plays the normal Soda! sound, probably because his version was a prototype.
    • Duke's version plays the more excited SODA! sound heard in the Gaim Movies.
      • Interestingly, when Duke activates the Squash function on his Genesis Driver, it plays the normal Soda! sound.
  • Both Tyrant and Duke have a different shoulder pad on their right shoulder.


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