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"Drago Time!"
―Initial activation announcement[src]

"Set Up! Start!"
―Activation announcement for Dragon Four-Mation[src]

"Water/Hurricane/Land Dragon!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

"Final Time! Dragon Four-Mation!"
―Activation announcement for Dragon Four-Mation[src]

"All Dragon, Please!"
―Transformation announcement via Wizardriver[src]

The Demon Dragon Brace Drago Timer (魔竜ブレス ドラゴタイマー Maryū Buresu Dorago Taimā) is an arm-mounted device that is for Kamen Rider Wizard, created from all of Dragon's elemental magical energy that was spilt out from Haruto's body during a ritual to help Wizard become stronger.

When Wizard rotates the Drago Dial (ドラゴダイアル Dorago Daiaru) clock, while also flipping the thumb as the timer clocks down, he can create 3 more duplicates of his Dragon Styles. The duplicates can vanish one of two ways: if Haruto wills them away or if the clones receive a grievous amount of injuries.

When the clock runs out, it will announce "Final Time" (ファイナルタイム Fainaru Taimu).

Wizard can also scan the Drago Timer's Prism Drago Light (プリズムドラゴライト Purizumu Drago Raito) ring attachment on the Wizardriver to transform himself into All Dragon. However, this form can only be used for a limited time, due to it taking a toll on his magic reserves.


The Drago Timer is composed of the following parts:

  • Drago Dial (ドラゴダイアル Dorago Daiaru) - The main dial on the Drago Timer consisting of a turntable with a needle that points to an Elemental Sign. It shows the current compatibility of elements (fire, water, hurricane and land) between Wizard and Wizardragon.
  • Elemental Sign (エレメンタルサイン Erementaru Sain) - The board within the Drago Dial that showcases the four elements; red for fire, blue for water, green for hurricane and yellow for land.
  • Thumbs Encounter (サムズエンカウンター Samuzu Enkauntā) - The 'thumb' switch that activates the Drago Timer.
  • Authoring Rail (オーサリングレイル Ōsaringu Reiru) - A gate within the Drago Timer which transfers Wizardragon's power from the Underworld to the outside world. Using Wizardragon's power, the Authoring Rail gains the robustness necessary to release the rest of Wizardragon's power.
  • Vital Arm (バイタルアーム Baitaru Āmu) - The Drago Timer's wrist and armbands. It integrates with Wizard's power and reads the wavelengths of the sun's magical energy. Together with the power of Wizardragon, it prevents magical power from flowing backwards and causing Wizard's body to collapse.
  • Exceller Bridge (イクセラルブリッジ Ikuseraru Burijji) - A transfer bridge between the Drago Timer's 'hand' and wristband part. It is a transfer bridge that sends Wizard's and Wizardragon's magical powers to the Prism Drago Light.
  • Prism Drago Light (プリズムドラゴライト Purizumu Drago Raito) - A carved dragon on the wrist strap section made of Wizard's crystallised magical energy. Its composition is very close to the composition of the Magical Stones embedded in the Wizard Rings. It has the power to convert magical power into light, and then turn it into an existing matter with substance. In this manner, the Drago Timer is able to summon magical energy clones of Wizard. Additionally, by scanning it on the Wizardriver, the clones can unite into Wizard, giving him access to the All Dragon Style.


Like all of Wizard's gear, the Drago Timer is summoned by using the Connect Ring. Once acquired, he places the device on his right wrist, which causes a voice to say "Drago Time" (ドラゴタイム Dorago Taimu). Wizard then turns the Drago Dial to the color of whatever Dragon Style he's currently in(although he’s usually in Flame Dragon Style when he uses it)making the voice say "Set Up" (セットアップ Setto Appu).

First Full Revolution

Wizard hits the Thumbs Encounter, causing the voice to say "Start" (スタート Sutāto) and the Drago Dial to turn. As the dial passes each color, he hits the Thumbs Encounter to summon a clone of the Dragon Style with said color. Once it reaches Final Time, Wizard can hit the thumb to activate Dragon Four-Mation (ドラゴンフォーメーション Doragon Fōmēshon), equipping the Dragon Styles with their respective Wizardragon parts and allowing them to unleash their finishing attacks.

  • Flame Dragon w/ Drago Skull: Dragon Breath (ドラゴンブレス Doragon Buresu)
  • Water Dragon w/ Drago Tail: Dragon Tail (ドラゴンテイル Doragon Teiru)
  • Hurricane Dragon w/ Drago Wings: Dragon Wing (ドラゴンウィング Doragon Uingu)
  • Land Dragon w/ Drago Hell Claws: Dragon Claw (ドラゴンクロー Doragon Kurō)

Second Full Revolution

After all of the Dragon Styles are on the battlefield and a second Final Time is reached, Wizard can use the Prism Drago Light on the Drago Timer to scan the Wizardriver, activating All Dragon, which combines the duplicates with the Timer wearer and equips him with all of the Wizardragon parts that are normally exclusive to a certain Dragon Style. Sometimes, Wizard can achieve All Dragon without the other Dragon Styles on the battlefield by scanning the Prism Drago Light on the Wizardriver, after the second Final Time reached. Once the scanner detects the Timer, the voice announces "All Dragon, Please" (オールドラゴン, プリーズ Ōru Doragon, Purīzu).



Realizing that the Phantom Beelzebub's time-space bending ability had him at a disadvantage, Haruto in Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon was defeated. Luckily, he was saved by White Wizard who took him to a strange altar. Coming to, Haruto was told of a ritual to become stronger by drawing the full potential of his inner Phantom and he accepted to do it after being warned of the risks. Enduring the pain, Haruto gained a manifestation of his mana: The Drago Timer. The Crazed Dance of the Dragons


As Beelzebub beaten Kamen Rider Beast, Haruto arrived and transforms to battle Beelzebub before assuming Flame Dragon to summon the Drago Timer. Using the Drago Timer, Kamen Rider Wizard created three manifestations of his Water Dragon, Hurricane Dragon, and Land Dragon forms. With his time-space ineffective, the Wizards finished Beelzebub off with their Dragon Four-Mation followed by a quadruplet Slash Strike. The Crazed Dance of the Dragons

While Wajima and Shunpei admired the Drago Timer, Shunpei accidently broke its handle off. A comical accident at first, Wizard was unable to use it in his fight with Phoenix, who was becoming increasingly powerful each time he was destroyed and revived. The Phoenix's Rampage

The Drago Timer was repaired in time for Haruto's final battle with Phoenix. Haruto confronted the Phantom and assumed Flame Dragon to fight him. With the Drago Timer, Haruto also summoned the other Dragon Styles to assist him, but Phoenix proved too strong to them. In a last effort, Haruto made use of the Drago Timer's Prism Drago Light to transform himself into Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon and strike Phoenix with a Rider Kick strong enough to send him flying all the way to the sun where he would keep dying and rebirthing, trapping him there forever. The Decisive Battle

After rescuing Shunpei and Kosuke's grandmother, Wizard and Beast fought against Weretiger and Gremlin, with the latter Phantom fleeing after Wizard weakened the former with the Drago Timer, then Kamen Rider Beast destroyed him with a Kick Strike to consume it. Choosing the Life

When Medusa targeted a Gate at a high school, Wizard confronted her, assuming Flame Dragon so his Drago Timer clones could hold off the Ghouls. Wizard battled Medusa as Kamen Rider Beast arrived and consumed the grunts. The four Wizards and Beast all proceeded to face off against Medusa. Academy Infiltration Despite outnumbering her 5 to 1, they were overpowered by the Chief Phantom, resulting in Haruto's Drago Timer clones disappearing. Big Sister and Little Sister

When Gremlin and Spriggan targeted Osamu Nakamoto, outnumbered by the Phantoms with Kosuke unable to transform as his Beast Driver and Wizard Rings were missing, Kamen Rider Wizard used the Drago Timer to overwhelm the Phantoms while getting Nakamoto to safety. The Evolving Wild Beast

When the Phantom Bogy split into six ghosts after being defeated to target multiple Gates, Wizard used the Drago Timer to destroy four more after destroying the first with Land Style as Beast Hyper dealt with the last one. Things Money Cannot Buy

Wizard used the Drago Timer against Bahamut, but the Phantom proved his strength when Haruto failed to take him down. The Stolen Hope

Facing Medusa again, Wizard attempted to use the Drago Timer but was entangled by her snake hair before he could do so. I Want to Ride a Bike

Dealing with the Phantom Gigantes in Masafumi Saionji's Underworld, Wizard used the Drago Timer to assume All Dragon before proceeding to destroy the inner Phantom. White Wizard's Secret

While facing alternate versions of the three Chief Phantoms with Beast in an altered version of the world called Magic Land, Wizard used the Drago Timer to split himself into his four Dragon Styles. As Beast Hyper dealt with Medusa, the Wizards split up to fight Phoenix and Gremlin. Flame Dragon and Hurricane Dragon took on Phoenix while Water Dragon and Land Dragon took on Gremlin. The four Wizards ultimately manifested their Dragon parts to finish them off. Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land

Confronting White Wizard after Nitoh sacrificed his power to thwart the second Sabbath, Wizard used the Drago Timer in an attempt to gain the upper hand. However, White Wizard countered by using the Dupe Ring, a more advanced version of Haruto's Copy Ring, summoning three copies of himself to fight Haruto's Water, Hurricane, and Land Dragon clones. The four Wizards were soon beaten back and surrounded before the four White Wizards each used the Thunder Ring to finish them off, resulting in the three Wizard clones disappearing and Haruto being knocked out of his Flame Dragon transformation. The Important Thing is...

During the 14 Heisei Kamen Riders' battle against Amadum's monsters in the World within the Magic Stone, Wizard used the Drago Timer to summon his three Dragon Style clones, combining them into him to assume All Dragon, fighting alongside Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo and destroying several Hydragoons. Neverending Story

Finding himself attacked by the Phantom Ogre, Wizard used the Drago Timer to face him. Unsuccessfully bombarding them with magical spheres, Ogre produced his own sword to face the four Wizards. Quickly beaten back in the skirmish, Ogre channeled the power of Gremlin (Philosopher's Stone ver.) to swiftly strike back, vanishing Wizard's three clones. This was followed by Wizard (Flame Dragon) himself being knocked out of his transformation by Ogre utilizing the power of another consumed Phantom. Kamen Rider Wizard: The Promised Place

As part of a succession of his forms, Wizard used the Drago Timer to instantly assume All Dragon against the Next Genome Institute's Doral Bugster, striking the Bugster before advancing to Infinity Style. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider

Behind the scenes


  • The DX Drago Timer toy has sound effects for a Three-Mation (スリーメーション Surīmēshon), Two-Mation (ツーメーション Tsūmēshon), and One-Mation (ウァンメーション Wanmēshon) finisher.
    • Interestingly, the error sound for the toy is Not Ready (ノットレディ Notto Redi), while the one used in the series is the same Error (エラー Erā) announcement as the Wizardriver.
    • When scanned on the Wizardriver while the Timer is counting down, it says Bou (ボー) for as long as it's on the Flame Dragon space, Jaba (ジャバ) for the Water Dragon space, Byu (ビュー) for the Hurricane Dragon space, and Dogon (ドゴン) for the Land Dragon space.
    • Funnily enough, the DX toy can announce Flame Dragon (フレイムドラゴン Fureimu Doragon) by hitting the tab before the dial reaches the Water Dragon space or after it leaves the Land Dragon space.

In popular culture

The Drago Timer seen on the table in WITS Academy

The Drago Timer appears on a table in the sixth episode "Power Trip" of WITS Academy, a magic-themed series like Wizard.


  • This is the third upgrade device to be based around a stopwatch: the first two being Faiz's Axel Watch and Accel's Trial Memory.
    • The Drago Timer is the second mid-season device to limit its own mid-season upgrade. The first being the Axel Watch.
      • However, the Drago Timer is the first device based on an analog clock, while the others were based on a stopwatch or digital watch.



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