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Dr. Omigoto (ドクターオミゴト Dokutā Omigoto) is a Doctor-Type Humagear who works at the National Medical Hospital.


Dr. Omigoto was the Doctor Humagear in the National Medical Hospital, and is seen greeting patients. He was struck by the hacked Giger's tendrils but survived with his programming intact. The Destruction Begins Now

Omigoto was put in charge of a surgical operation on Isamu Fuwa, who was critically injured on his battle with Horobi. However, he was shut down along with the other Humagear staff within the hospital by Zea. This was done according to an order by Aruto Hiden, who learned that the medical Humagears had been compromised by the Giger. When Aruto later reversed his order and reactivated the Humagears, Omigoto proceeded with Fuwa's surgery. The operation was successful, and Fuwa was greeted by Omigoto after awaking from anesthesia. Realizing that his life was saved by Omigoto resulted in Fuwa questioning his hatred for Humagears. I'll Take Care of Your Life

Omigoto (alongside with Nurse-Type Humagear) treat Aruto after Aruto got injured from Thouser's Thousand Break (with Amazing Caucasus Key Power). Omigoto then scanning his Humagear Body Seal barcode with his own Progrisekey to help Izu Transfer his Data to Progrise Hopper Blade, and later inform Aruto that Enji infiltrate ZAIA but was caught and attacked by Gai Amatsu as Omigoto told Aruto to go After Thouser and Enji while the Humagears Plan is almost Complete. It's Our Turn



Behind the Scenes


Dr. Omigoto is portrayed by Mitsuhiro Takahashi (高橋光宏 Takahashi Mitsuhiro).


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