This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Dorotabou (ドロタボウ) is the summer type Makamou that resemble a mud-based humanoid with the features of rice plants, and an apple snail, dragging people into the muddy water it resides it. A Dorotabou appeared in Asahi Village near where Hibiki and Todoroki were training. The Makamou revealed itself to save its Douji, but has begun to multiply itself. While Todoroki & Ibuki uses Taiko gear to deal with most of the copies, Hibiki eventually enters Kurenai mode and defeats the original with Shakunetsu Shinku form.

Douji and Hime


Douji & Hime of Dorotabou

Douji & Hime of Dorotabou: First of the Summer Douji/Hime created by the White Puppet, native-sounding in personality though their airheadness belittles their true maleficent nature. They chant "Ken, Ken, Pa" when approaching their victims, spit mud from their mouths at the victims and knocking them into the muddy water for Dorotabo to grab and drown before eating the corpse. They crossed paths with Hibiki and Todoroki, using a hit-and-run method of attack that ends with the Hime destroyed by Hibiki's RekkaDan. The Douji escaped thanks to his child, overseeing the multiplication process until the Oni battled the Dorotabo horde, with Todoroki taking out the Douji withRaigekiKen

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